Assured Performance Selects Veco Experts as a Preferred Provider

Assured Performance Network announced today that they have entered into a new business services agreement with Vehicle Collision Experts, LLC (VECO Experts). VECO Experts has been designated as a preferred provider of optional in-shop repair quality support services such as technical training lessons for shop personnel, distribution of monthly quality and equipment reports, and regular technical support. VECO Experts currently provides third-party certification compliance inspections for Assured Performance in select markets across the country. These additional services are optional for Certified Repair Providers.
VECO Experts provides an array of business services including: collision repair management, quality, culture, technical repair instruction, equipment examinations, and shop inspection services. The selection of VECO Experts offers additional technical expertise to Assured Performance’s overall program benefits to their Certified Repair Providers.
“It’s a perfect fit” said Mark Olson, CEO of VECO Experts. “VECO is in shops all over the country every month, so this arrangement is a natural fit and complement for both companies to work together to benefit shops in need of assistance.”
“VECO Experts services represent a valuable option for many of our Certified Repair Providers,” added Aaron Clark, VP and General Manager at Assured Performance. “We are pleased to put together an agreement that brings top notch resources to assist in the ongoing quest for optimum technical repair quality.”
According to Spring Cutsforth, VP of Operations at VECO Experts, “The new business relationship will allow VECO to introduce their company and services to the enormous network of Assured Performance Certified shops. Both companies are rooted in the highest ethical standards and committed to ensuring each vehicle is repaired to OEM specifications to ensure fit, finish, durability, value, and consumer safety.”

About Assured Performance:
Assured Performance is made up of three entities: A Non-Profit Consumer Advocacy Organization, Management Company, and a Legal Cooperative (Co-Op.) Combined, they operate as a third-party administrator for consumer awareness, business certification for thousands of businesses, and as a third-party provider for several of the largest Automakers including but not limited to: Ford, Nissan, FCA, GM, Hyundai and others representing nearly 2/3 of all vehicles on the road today; creating the largest Certified business network in the automotive industry.
About VECO Experts:
Vehicle Collision Experts, LLC (VECO Experts) was launched at SEMA in Nov 2016 by Mark Olson, founder of Verifacts Automotive. The sole focus of the company is to create partnerships with industry providers to benefit body shops. VECO Experts works with shops on quality, process, and culture, taking a holistic approach to identify and solve a shop’s weak spot(s), one at a time. Shops that are struggling in certain areas gain control and elevate their operations, resulting in reduced cycle time, increased quality, and increased profits.