Differentiate Your Business with the Certified Repair Option

Put yourself into the mind of your customers. They place their trust in your collision repair shop and technicians. They select your facility for its Certifications, staff, and community reputation. 

However, many drivers still believe that all repairs are created equal and that isn’t the case. How can you stand out from the competition and showcase your shop’s superior service, excellent safety protocols, and use of Manufacturer’s parts?

Introducing: The Certified Repair Option (CRO). A “Best Practice” method of repairing today’s sophisticated vehicles!

The ability to offer customers the option of a Certified Repair is an important way to educate them about your body shop’s high standards. By offering the Certified Repair Option (CRO) to your customers, you differentiate your collision center from shops that cut corners or use aftermarket or salvage parts. This allows you to articulate, to consumers, exactly why choosing a Certified Repair is the best option.

Already included in your Assured Performance Network membership, Certified Repairs provide consumers with a printed certificate for every completed repair. This Certificate verifies that each repair was completed in compliance with the Manufacturer’s specifications and procedures. To customers, this means security and peace of mind. For Certified body shops, this means happy, return clients and a “best practice” approach. While the average customer won’t know the ins and outs of the repair process – in the same way that a collision repair shop or technician does – they appreciate a Certified Repair and the proof-based system behind it.

The payoff for shops that use this technology is immense. The quality repairs that you perform will enhance consumer confidence and allow your body shop to stand out and process more repairs! As a busy shop owner, it is nice to know that your technician’s hard work and qualifications are documented, saved, and attached by VIN for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Certified Repairs give you the ability to declare a new level of authority over the repair process.

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The industry is moving in the direction of complete documentation. Smart process documentation will soon be the standard that the industry looks for. Certified Repairs place your customers back in the driver’s seat and allow them to select “Authenticity”, “Compliance” or “Certified Repair” Certificates from your Assured Performance Certified Collision Center!