Industry News—  ShopOps Tip of the Month!

This month, our ShopOps Tip of the Month is to view our new and improved Industry News section in ShopOps.

Industry News helps you stay up-to-date through a convenient feed of the articles that you care about most. This includes content from Repairer Driven News, CollisionWeek, and more!

Why ShopOps Should Be Your Destination for Industry News:

Patrick Porter, Director of Technical Compliance and Business at Assured Performance, recommends that all shops add “Industry News” to their daily reading list.

“It’s so important to stay current with the industry but it can be hard to find key news all in one place. ShopOps: Industry News is the most convenient way to find out the latest information.” The feedback he receives from our Network is that it’s nice to have a user-friendly way to read important Industry News.

Patrick has been in the industry for over 30 years as a shop owner, shop manager, I-CAR instructor, and now the Director of Technical Compliance and Business. Working for Assured Performance allows him to help shops see direct results and maximize their Certifications through the Certified Repair Option (CRO) and the many tools we offer in ShopOps.


How to Access Industry News from ShopOps
1. To get started, go to and log into your ShopOps account.


2. Upon logging in, you will then view the “Dashboard” for your account.

3. Read “Industry News.”

Watch a video version of our ShopOps Tip of the Month on how to view your Industry News within ShopOps.



Let us know how you enjoy our “Industry News” updates in ShopOps!

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