Sharing Testimonials

Making sure your testimonials are in an easy-to-access spot on your website or social media is a great way to show your future (and existing) customers the great work that your business does. You can even offer incentives or raffles for the good reviews your customers give you. Being interactive and thoughtful with the people who appreciate the work you do is important in making them feel like their business matters. Not to mention, it’s free advertisement from a happy customer to give you great feedback you can share on any of the platforms you’re shop is featured on.


Social Media presence on multiple platforms / free

Being present on social media is a great way to update your customers. Not only can you offer coupons and daily deals, but you can also interact with future and existing customers. Your presence on multiple social media platforms shows you care about the appearance and reputation of your company. Customers can meet your employees and learn about the background of your business. Whether you opened 1 year ago or 50, your customers are curious about your business! (And again, it’s free!)


User Friendly Website

There’s nothing more frustrating than logging on to a website that’s unusable. Making your website attractive and easy to use says a lot about your business and capabilities. Now days, the easiest way to book an appointment or make a request is through the internet. It’s important to have your credentials, achievements, reviews, and appointment information on your website where it’s easily accessible to anyone wanting to service their car at your body shop. When a customer logs onto your website you want to make sure they know they will get the best service possible, and maybe even learn a thing or two about your business.


Interact with your customers online

Interacting with your customers shows you care about them and want their business. It’s also a great way to get your name out there and spread the word about the excellent services you provide. You can share a poll online to find out your customer’s opinions, or give them a chance to share their experience at your shop. Giving your customers a chance to speak to you and share their feedback gives your shop credibility and makes their interaction personal.


Be easy to contact. Let Your customers know they’re not just another call

When a customer needs their car fixed most times they don’t have days to wait on a call back from you. Having a happy voice picking up the phone ready to answer any question they might have is great customer service.  Quick responses to emailed questions or a voicemail will ensure you’re not losing business.


Share thoughtful information on your platforms

Sharing facts and tips for your customers is a great way to keep them entertained and informed on your social media platforms. Fact Fridays, Tip Tuesdays or Daily Deals are a great place to start. It takes less than 10 minutes to find an interesting fact or tip from a reliable source online and share it with your followers!  Posting interesting, entertaining and thoughtful information will keep followers tuned in to your online presence.