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Estimation photographique gratuite pour les ateliers certifies

Centre de carrosserie certifié et Bodyshop Booster offrent aux ateliers certifiés une fonction d’estimation photographique gratuite Les ateliers qui possèdent la certification Centre de carrosserie certifié peuvent désormais profiter gratuitement de l’outil d’estimation photographique de Bodyshop Booster. En liant ce service aux localisateurs d’ateliers en ligne offerts par Centre de carrosserie certifié et par les différents constructeurs, les ateliers pourront augmenter leurs ventes et attirer de nouveaux clients. En souscrivant à Booster Lite sans frais, les utilisateurs du localisateur d’ateliers en ligne pourront désormais communiquer avec un atelier 24 h/24 et 7 j/7. Vous DEVEZ INSCRIRE votre établissement pour utiliser Booster Lite et pour activer le bouton Obtenir une estimation sur le profil en ligne de votre atelier. Passez à l’action dès aujourd’hui et tirez parti de la puissance de cette nouvelle fonction pour attirer plus de clients dans votre atelier certifié ! Les clients d’aujourd’hui qui font réparer…

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Free Photo Estimating For Certified Shops

Certified Collision Care and Bodyshop Booster now providing Free Photo Estimating to Certified Shops Certified Collision Care Providers can now leverage our free Bodyshop Booster Photo Estimating tool linked to the Certified Collision Care and OEM online shop locators to increase sales and generate customer leads. Certified Collision Care’s boosted locator feature will now allow customers to communicate 24/7 with certified shops when they opt-in to use Booster Lite at no cost.Your facility MUST OPT-IN to use Booster Lite to activate the “Get an Estimate”button on your shop’s business profile. Act today and harness the power of the new Certified Collision Care boosted OEM Shop locator feature to drive more customers to your OEM Certified shop! Today’s customers are looking for a simple and seamless way to get their vehicles repaired. Certified shops can now easily provide…

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Certified Collision Care Newsletter: April 2020

Special Offer: Bodyshop Booster COVID-19 Emergency Relief Package Join our webinar on Thursday, April 16th to learn about BodyShop Booster. This special offer from Bodyshop Booster, exclusively for Certified Collision Care Providers, will help you quickly adopt powerful tools and technology to boost sales when claims are down, meet your customer and insurer partners’ needs for virtual service, and maximize your rebound in sales when repair volumes return to normal levels.   Click here to register for this free webinar. Click here for additional webinar information. Due to COVID-19, many collision centres and repair facilities are now taking extra precaution and care when cleaning customers’ vehicles. Nissan Canada and INFINITI Canada have issued position statements to provide proper procedures for cleaning and disinfecting touchscreens and radios in Nissan and INFINITI vehicles. Please click here to download the positions statements. Nissan INFINITI  Ford Motor Company has…