Assured Performance Launches Data Management Services for Certified Repair Providers



Laguna Hills, CA – Assured Performance Network, the country’s largest Certified Collision Repair Network, announced today the official launch of their suite of data safeguard and management services exclusively for their Certified shops.  This unique data service creates and maintains a cloud data storage account for each of their Certified shops much like a safety deposit box at a bank. Now, the shop truly owns their own data and determines how it can be utilized.

Assured Performance is empowering their Certified shops by providing three services working in tandem: dataSAFETM, dataMANAGERTM, and dataIQTM. Through the use of the data toolset, the shop’s data is safeguarded and managed exclusively by the shop; not a third party. The data toolset provides Certified shops with various data management benefits including shop performance analysis, KPI reporting, and proof-of-purchase transactional reporting, but without exposing the shops confidential data.

The Assured Performance data services are engineered to report data analytics versus sharing the actual data with third parties. Without exposing the data, shops are able to automate reporting for various rebate incentives, or performance reporting for OEM Certification. Since data integrity is essential for accurate reporting, the data tools automatically create reports and display KPIs without the ability for anyone to access or manipulate the raw data. With this unique approach, shops can now use the data in various manners without violating third-party privacy issues.

Another unique aspect of the Assured Performance data management service is its approach to consumer protection and data privacy. All the shop’s data, including confidential consumer information, never leaves the possession and control of the originating shop. Therefore, customer data remains with the shop to be handled in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws and privacy acts. Further, there is no processing of the estimate lines and vehicle repair data unless the shop does so using the dataIQ tools provided and activates the automated reporting. Therefore, the shop always stays in control of their data.

Assured Performance leverages Amazon Web Services to provide the cloud data storage and safeguarding.  Already, nearly 2,000 Certified shops have installed the Assured Performance services and now have dataSAFE accounts and KPI reporting.

“We have always been a leading advocate for shops to maintain their data privacy and ownership,” stated Assured Performance CEO, Scott Biggs. “We’ve worked hard to find a logical solution to address the conflicting needs and concerns. We are proud to provide our Certified shops with data safeguarding with all of the KPI reporting they need and want.”

Assured Performance’s data services allow the participating Certified shop complete data ownership and control. They are able to see their performance metrics in a variety of graphs, gauges and reports to effectively manage their business. Also, the shop can always elect to stop the services, export their data, and delete all residual data from their dataSAFE at any time. This ensures the shop has access and control over their data while allowing them to use it in various ways for their own advantage and benefit.


About Assured Performance

Assured Performance is a non-profit consumer advocacy organization specializing in the automotive collision repair market segment. Assured Performance works with the top automakers to identify, audit and promote collision repair providers that meet best-in-class business standards and the manufacturer’s requirements. Consumers can go to to find a list of Certified Collision Repair Providers.