Shop Certification At 2016 NACE/CARS

Assured Performance CEO/President Scott Biggs, at NACE/CARS 2016, explaining why shop certification programs are meeting a demand, which is to raise the quality of collision repair services.

August 11, 2016 – Assured Performance covered one of the hottest topics in the world of collision repair, shop certification, at the 2016 NACE/CARS Conference in Anaheim California.

Assured Performance representatives shared the microphone to discuss the latest shop certification program developments. Shop owners and managers from businesses already involved in a shop certification process, and those getting ready to do so, shared insight and information regarding the best tools and ways to achieve their goals.

Assured Performance Founder and President Scott Biggs discussed the recent Canadian launch of the Assured Performance program. Biggs shared some very interesting data and statistics, including the fact that 35% of collision repairs in the U.S. are performed in OEM Certified collision repair shops.

“The justification for collison repair shop certification programs became obvious five years ago, when we discovered that less than 5% of shops possessed the tools and training to keep up with the technological advancements of the new vehicles being delivered. We wanted to develop a program which was recognized by OEMs, appreciated by insurers and approved by shops, which would also wean out the weaker players. How is it that shops, which aren’t equipped to do so, are still repairing damaged vehicles?ˮ asked Biggs.

Workshops participants discussed the various advantages of shop certification and reviewed the progress of the programs to-date. New-vehicle manufacturer representatives were also present to discuss their point of view and expectations in regard to these programs.

The session wrapped up with presentation of what the North-American collision repair market of the future will probably look like.

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