Garland Autobody: Maximizing the Benefits of OEM Certification

Success Spotlight

Garland Autobody: The Benefits of OEM Certification

Garland Autobody is the first Certified Collision Care Provider, Mopar Certified Collision Repair Facility and Ford National Body Shop Network Certified repairer in Newfoundland. When the Certified Collision Care program was introduced into Canada, Derrick was an early adopter. He is in the top 5% of repairers in Canada, and having already made the investments needed; he quickly achieved OEM Certification with FCA Canada. The Certified Collision Care program provides the opportunity for multiple OEM certifications without adding any costs. Garland Autobody also achieved Ford National Body Shop Network Certification by adding Ford-specific aluminum capabilities to the business. “I never thought the opportunity to be to be certified by a vehicle manufacturer would be made available while I was still in the industry. I jumped at the chance to join Certified Collision Care”, he says. “This program adds great value to our facility” he adds. “OEM Certification moves our credibility and standards up a notch; this is something our customers deserve.”

Building for the Future

Derrick Ryan has always been focused on building for the future. Established in 1984, Garland Autobody started as a small repair and refinish shop. Derrick acquired the business in 1990, and made the decision to transition to a production collision repair facility in 1999. Derrick was a pioneer in the early development of “lean” for the collision repair industry, working with a handful of Canadian and US colleagues. He remains committed to lean principles, with a focus on process, procedure, and removing waste. He has made major investments in tools, equipment, training, and his facility, and makes customer service a top priority, which has contributed to their phenomenal growth. With only 6.5 production technicians the facility has 6 administrative staff to handle the tasks of claims processing and taking care of customers. Derrick explains, “Investing in the number of administrative staff needed to provide an exceptional customer service experience is expensive, but it pays for itself when you measure repeat business and customer loyalty”.

Marketing 101

Marketing OEM Certification credentials is having a positive impact on sales at Garland Autobody.

Derrick is utilizing his Mopar Certified Collision Repair Facility credentials in all of his marketing efforts. This includes displaying credentials on their website, printing logos on the back of their business cards, and even running radio commercials on the local station. “If you ask if there is a value to certification, yes – there is the opportunity for new revenue”, say Derrick. “But I see it like the start of a relationship. It takes time to develop, to create trust and build for the future. Provided you put in the effort, business starts to roll in”.

Derrick also sees OEM Certification as an opportunity to develop and strengthen relationships with dealers in his market. “When I provide repairs to OEM standards and combine this with outstanding service, I am protecting the dealer’s brand, so that his customers are happy with their vehicle, and will return when it’s time to buy a new one. By working together it’s a win for everyone – the customer, the dealer and the shop.”

Certified Collision Care would like to congratulate Derrick Ryan and Garland Autobody. Becoming OEM Certified is a major accomplishment, but this is just the beginning! Derrick is maximizing the marketing opportunity to make a big impression with customers in his market and to earn a return on his investment in OEM Certification. Congratulations!