Assured Performance Announces the Launch of OEM Certification 2.0: The CRP Model

Laguna Hills, CA – Assured Performance Network, North America’s largest Certified Collision Repair Network, announced the official launch of a major initiative referred to as “OEM Certification 2.0 – The CRP Model.” The various elements of OEM Certification 2.0 are designed to address many of the challenges and needs of the industry as we reach the next frontier in automotive technology and collision repair.  The foundation of the OEM Certification 2.0 is the CRP Model which addresses multiple critical elements including the customer referral from the auto manufacturer, the repair quality output, and business performance. Numerous elements of OEM Certification 2.0 are immediately available to all Assured Performance Certified Collision Care network members included as a benefit and part of their certification fees.

Assured Performance and their OEM partners are launching a series of consumer awareness initiatives along with several major business support tools to address the workmanship and business operational challenges.   The elements that create the CRP Model include consumer awareness, direct consumer marketing, business development, process management, cutting-edge electronic systems and support tools, as well as extensive training and education.   The entire model collectively represents a major paradigm shift for the industry and an enhancement to the DRP model.

This new CRP model is engineered to help consumers and insurers to easily identify and select the Certified Repair Provider through intelligent shop locators and smart apps with the ability to create the assignment with a set appointment at the certified repair provider of their choice. They also include Automaker direct consumer communications, and eventually telematics.   In July alone, over 4 million consumers have been contacted by the Automakers.  Equally as impressive, Insurers made over 37 thousand hits to the specially designed insurer-facing Certified shop locator;

As an integral part of the overall CRP – customer referral program, Certified Repair Providers also receive powerful specially designed CRP marketing tools to enhance their own marketing and consumer awareness initiatives by leveraging their OEM Certification credentials.  These include OEM branded signage supported by multi-media display systems, special shop locator landing pages (micro-sites), custom web-site development and social media listing and promotion, press release distribution to local media and community, consumer direct mail print materials, and a series of consumer direct marketing and even a customer relationship management system (CRM).

The new Assured Performance CRP Model goes far beyond customer referral elements, too. The CRP Model introduced addresses the need to deliver the highest level of repair quality and achieve exceptional operating business performance.  To accomplish this, Assured Performance has developed “ShopOps,” an exclusive cloud-based electronic business “tool box.”   Key features of ShopOps include a Quality Assurance system based upon the estimate repair lines with the ability to document OEM Repair procedure use, data self-management and key performance indicator (KPI) benchmarking tools, an electronic operations manual and process management system with pre-written process, procedures, checklists and forms,   a cutting-edge HR Management system, a state-of-the-art customer relationship management system, and a comprehensive business improvement program.   All of these tools combined give the Certified Collision Care Providers a distinct competitive advantage in their marketplace.

“Now that we have achieved  nearly complete coverage of the entire country, our mission is to help transform our Certified network into process-driven Collision Care Providers that deliver the highest repair quality and customer satisfaction,” stated Assured Performance founder and CEO, Scott Biggs. “Our mission is to ensure that all consumers receive an exceptional repair experience delivered by exceptional businesses.”

The objective of OEM CRP Model is two-fold: 1) ensure that all new model vehicle owners know the critical importance of selecting a Manufacturer Certified Repair Provider to repair their damaged vehicle, and 2) ensure that all Certified Repair Providers properly and safely repair all vehicles to manufacturers specifications.


About Assured Performance: Assured Performance is composed of three organizations:  A non-profit Consumer Advocacy Organization, a legal Co-Op, and a Management company. Combined, Assured Performance operates as a third-party administrator for Consumer Awareness, Body Shop Certification, and Certified Rebate Reward Programs for several of the largest Automakers. Assured Performance Network is the largest, most advanced repair capable network of Certified collision repair centers with over 2,800 participating shops. For more information, visit Assured Performance’s website: