Certified Collision Care Newsletter: October 2017


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Maximizing your OEM Certified Credentials: Do your insurance partners know about your OEM Certifications? Many Canadian insurers are now adding OEM Certifications to their shop profiles.

As more consumers are educated about OEM Certified collision repair choices, it is important to ensure that your insurance partners have this information.  It is up to you to promote your OEM Certified credentials, and ask your insurance partners to update your business profile, so their front-line claims staff has the information when it’s needed.  We suggest you send them the press release announcing your OEM Certifications!

When both the insurance company and the vehicle manufacturer recommend the same qualified OEM Certified collision repair facilities to their shared customer (the consumer), it greatly reduces customer stress and enhances the customer repair experience, in addition to ensuring that the collision repair facility has the tools, equipment, training, and facility to safely repair owner vehicles back to OEM specifications.

Take action, and contact your insurance partners today!

Free OEM Collision Repair Resources: Did you know that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Ford Motor Company both provide free OEM Repair Information to the collision repair industry?  Links are provided below to access these resources:

Success Story: Birchwood Collision Centres

The Birchwood Automotive Group opened in 1963 and has rapidly expanded operations, with two locations that are both Certified Collision Care Providers – Birchwood Collision Centre at Pointe West and Birchwood Collision Centre on Regent.  They have made a significant investment in tools, equipment, training, and technology and have made OEM Certification an important part of their business.

Birchwood Collision Centres proudly display their OEM Certification signs in the front lobby and they educate their customers about why an OEM Certified collision repair facility is their best choice for a safe repair.  By promoting their OEM Certifications, they have seen a continued increase in business.

Art Crawford, Director of Birchwood Collision, is a strong believer in the Certified Collision Care program, and was one of the first repairers to join the program when it launched in Canada in early 2016.  In addition to OEM Certification with Ford, FCA and Nissan through Certified Collision Care, his facilities also hold OEM Certifications with BMW/MINI, Jaguar Land Rover, Toyota/Lexus, Volvo, and Pro-First Honda Acura.

Art shared his perspective on how OEM Certification has helped to grow their business and attract and retain new customers.  “We are proud to be OEM certified and we make a point of educating customers about our certifications.  It proves to our valued customers that we are equipped to repair vehicles properly, to manufacturer standards.  This helps us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and increase customer retention.  And because of our focus on providing a positive customer experience, we see improved loyalty from customers.  Our OEM Certifications support the emotional connection that customers enjoy when completing their repairs with our Dealership Network – Birchwood Automotive Group.”

Arthur also believes that OEM Certification has helped their facilities increase their efficiency and throughput.  “We have seen a reduction in supplements and in return cycle time by completing a repair correctly the first time, and following OEM repair procedures.  Our commitment to operational excellence is shared by our team of over 100, which is demonstrated in our growth”, explains Arthur.

Congratulations to Birchwood Collision Centres on maximizing the impact of their OEM Certifications!  We are proud to have their facilities as Certified Collision Care Providers!

Sharing Best Practices
Several Canadian Certified Collision Care Providers attended the recent Assured Performance Network Conference in Phoenix.  Thanks for participating!
During the conference repairers had an opportunity to share their best ideas to use OEM Certifications to grow their business.  Here are five great ideas:
  1. Partner with your local dealer:  Host Car Clinics for new vehicle owners – provide a meal, refreshments and presentations about vehicle features, OEM Service and OEM Certified Collision Repair.
  2. Promote to Insurance Brokers: Share point-of-sale materials with insurance brokers so they can educate their customers about OEM Certified collision repair choices.
  3. Videos:  Post videos on your website explaining why OEM Certifications are so important for safe repairs.
  4. Chamber of Commerce: Talk about your OEM Certifications at Chamber events, meetings and networking breakfasts, to educate your local community about your OEM Certified credentials.
  5. Show off OEM Certified logos:  When you sponsor a local sports team, add your OEM Certified logos to the uniforms.

Congratulations to our new Certified Collision Care Providers!  Visit our online locator at www.autobodylocator.ca to see our certified repair facilities in every Province across Canada.