Gain Recognition for the Quality Repairs You Offer: The CRO

The future is closer than you realize and we want you to be prepared for it. Today’s vehicles have more in common with computers than the cars of the past. Each specially designed vehicle your body shop repairs requires a significant amount of tools, training, and equipment to be repaired correctly. Every time you opt for original manufacturer’s parts or complete pre and post scan diagnostics on a vehicle, you are performing steps that would constitute a Certified Repair and produce a Certificate for your customers. You deserve to be recognized for the quality work your body shop performs and your customers want that reassurance about the repairs performed on their vehicle.

Are you offering a Certified Repair to your customers? 

If your answer is “No, “Not yet” or “I’m thinking about it”… this is what you need to know about the future of repairs!

Consumers like to get repairs from Certified Shops. It’s a standard that not many shops reach and it represents excellence. For that same reason, when consumers are offered the option of a Certified Repair, they prefer it. This is because the Certified Repair Option is fully documented and connected to their VIN for the lifetime of their vehicle. For the technician, it’s easy— they download RepairDOC— a user-friendly mobile app found in Google Play or the App Store. To the customer, the fact that their collision center of choice is using technology based on blockchain technology principles and offering one-of-a-kind collision repair documentation is top-of-the-line. The same reason your body shop opted to become an Assured Performance Certified Collision Center is the same reason why you should take advantage of your free access to the Certified Repair Option.

Why body shops shop are choosing the CRO:

Using Assured Performance’s exclusive technology – offered to all Collision Repair Providers in their Network – has the following benefits!

FACT: Collision shops that offer a Certified Repair have a final, verifiable documented record of exactly how each vehicle was repaired. This information is VIN-Linked, web-housed, and blockchain validated.

FACT: All Certified Repair Option supporting platforms are open architecture for flexible connectivity and integration with existing and legacy infrastructures.

FACT: A final receipt of the work performed offers unparalleled benefits for all parties involved- vehicle owner and body shop

The industry is moving in the direction of the complete documentation found in a Certified Repair. This documentation will soon be the standard that consumers and insurers look for. Customers get placed in the driver’s seat and can select “Authenticity”, “Compliance” or “Certified Repair” Certificates.

Want to get started and have questions? Use of RepairDoc is easy to adapt into your current practice and our Assured Performance Regional Directors are available for personalized one-on-one training and support for all who need it .

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