Employee Spotlight of the Month: Brent Henkle, Regional Director!

We often recommend that our Assured Performance Certified Shops stay in touch with their Regional Director. Brent Henkle is one example of why doing so is helpful. While Brent is new to Assured Performance, as of January 2020, he has already become a standout member of our team. In recognition of the work he does providing ShopOps tutorials and support, Certified Repair (CRO) training, and helping his region with all-around shop management, he is our Assured Performance Team Member of the month!

Brent Henkle, Assured Performance Regional Director

It is easy to recognize why Brent Henkle is so effective at his position as a Regional Director— He cares and he isn’t afraid to show it. This proactive energy boils down to his personal mantra, “Work hard, work smart”. He credits this positive attitude to his experience and passion for the collision care industry. He defines “work hard, work smart” as a strategy to provide shop owners with the tools they need to become successful… without becoming exhausted. “I believe that shop owners can attain their goals without needing to work overtime to earn a living.”

Work Hard, Work Smart:

We asked Brent to explain this philosophy in more detail, “I don’t send people down the rabbit hole— I let shops know exactly what work we can do together. I make sure each shop is meeting their goals and headed in the right direction. I also make sure that the individuals or shops I’m working with are comfortable and happy with our progress.”

Brent formulated these successful time management skills while he was the Director of HR, Information Management, and Operations at Price’s Collision in Tennessee and Kentucky. The business had 10 shops in the Greater Nashville area. The shops were independently owned and he worked directly with the owner, Bobby Price. Even then, Brent didn’t let his title hold him back from being hands-on. “If I needed to… I stepped up as the Manager or CSR and would paint walls or fix toilets. Whether a task was mental or physical, I wanted it completed to the best of my ability. The role gave me the opportunity to be cerebral but complete any physical work that would help the team”.

Brent’s attitude – and the work culture he helped to create – led the shop to switch from 50% employee retention to 90%. Payment was based on skill level and what each technician could bring to the table, rather than a template approach. This allowed employees to rise in their title and responsibilities, quickly, without the need to hire from the outside.

He first heard of the Assured Performance Network when he was still at Price’s.

“We were working on our certifications and I liked that we could get so many certifications through one distinguished 3rd party. The signage and logos that Assured Performance offered were a big part of my interest. I helped the shops complete their certifications and enjoyed the great team at Assured Performance, as well good inspectors. We always knew what to expect and appreciated the great communication we received. The certifications we received laid the foundation for our shops to repair cars the way a manufacturer requires and how we would want our own vehicle repaired.”

The certifications were also a hit with customers, “We had a wall by the Customer Service Representative’s counter. Many customers would ask us about certification and the manufacturers. We would discuss the technicians we hired and our equipment and procedures.”

Brent’s role at Price’s ended when his mentor, Bobby Price, passed away. Brent still credits Bobby (and the great teams he put together) for the growth and development he had in the collision care industry. He remains thankful for the knowledge and work ethic he learned at Price’s Collision.

His Advice to Shops Wanting to Develop a Winning Strategy:

1. Find 5 positive things about each person you interact with.

2. Continue to try new things and challenge yourself.

3. Track performance— Regularly review the results of any new tools, techniques, or systems you try.

4. A team strategy is a winning strategy. Similar to hockey or soccer, it’s hard to be successful when you aim to make a goal alone… work as a team!

5. Look at challenges as opportunities for improvement.

6. Give credit where credit is due and put yourself in another person’s shoes.

Brent still lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife of 31 years, Suzanne— he drives a Jeep and she drives a Hyundai. Together, they share an adult son, Josh, who was a college baseball player, AP student, and went through a body technician apprenticeship to work as a body technician. When Brent isn’t working and connecting with Assured Performance shops, he spends his spare time coaching girl’s volleyball and enjoys snowboarding, skiing, fishing, hiking, and golf. In additional to his many role’s at Price’s Collision, he worked for CCC, as a Regional Account Manager, and in GM Dealer Training, Sales, Service and Marketing, and Service Parts Engineering.

Connect with Brent by Phone (949) 221-0010 Ext. 230, Email, or on Facebook!