Industry News! ShopOps— Tip of the Month

In addition to being a Certified shop and having personalized support for your shop management, another great benefit of Assured Performance membership is having access to ShopOps. We connected with Melissa Skoog, one of our Regional Directors, to find out her ShopOps: Tip of the Month.

It turns out that Industry News was first and foremost on her mind!

Melissa Skoog: Assured Performance Regional Director

Why ShopOps Should Be Your Destination for Industry News:

As Melissa connects with hundreds of dealerships in our Network, monthly, she recommends that they all add “ShopOps” to their reading list.  She explains, “It’s so important to stay up-to-date with the industry but it can be hard to find key news all in one place. ShopOps: Industry News is the most convenient way to find out the latest information.” The feedback she receives from dealerships is relief. “It’s nice for them to have a user-friendly way to read important Industry News.”

Melissa has worked within the automotive industry for over 5 years, as both a Business Analyst integrating software with Insurance Carriers and as an Account Coordinator managing MSOs. Being an Assured Performance Regional Director allows her to interact directly with shops and dealerships to see direct results and benefits. As for her personal favorite ShopOps tool, it’s the “Marketing” tab. She lets shops know how to download and use the logos that showcase and promote their Certifications online.

How to Access Industry News from ShopOps!

1. Go to the Assured Performance website and login to access ShopOps.

2. You will see the Dashboard tab. Select “Overview”.

3. Review “Industry News”.

About Assured Performance:

Assured Performance Network is the official Certifying entity for the collision repair industry and third-party administrator for Consumer Awareness, OEM Certification programs, Network Management, and Rebate Reward Programs for several of the largest automakers, manufacturers, insurers and suppliers. Assured Performance Network is the largest, most advanced repair capable network of certified collision repair businesses with nearly 3,300 locations in North America.