What If You Already Have the Solution to More Repairs in Your Pocket?

As America reopens, traffic on the roads and highways is increasing and many body shops have begun welcoming a familiar amount of foot traffic into their facility. However, these unprecedented times have led many body shop owners to explore the best way to keep their business thriving and increase the number of cars they process over a month’s time. Thankfully, as a Certified Collision Center and Member of the Assured Performance Network, you have a secret weapon that other body shops do not:

The Certified Repair Option (CRO).

The newly launched Certified Repair Option (CRO) allows body shops to offer the safest documented repairs on the market. Officially released in 2020 and included in your Assured Performance membership, your Certified Shop has the ability to become one of the first in your community to offer customers a Certified Repair.

Stand out to your customers. Perform more repairs! 

Offering a Certified Repair means that your body shop:

  • Ensures technicians are following OEM repair procedures through photographic evidence and documentation, along with providing proof of compliance.
  • Confirms pre and post scanning of every vehicle and stores valuable diagnostics.
  • Audit submissions by repair, line item, or labor category and approve or reassign based on the results.
  • Documents and prints a data driven Certificate of Authenticity, Compliance, or Certified Repair.

Use of RepairDoc is easy to adapt into your current practice and our Assured Performance Regional Directors offer personalized one-on-one training and support for all who need it.

The industry is moving in the direction of complete documentation and RepairDoc technology is based on blockchain technology principles. This means that smart process documentation will soon be the standard that insurers and consumers look for. The certified repair is not a one-size-fits all approach.  Customers get placed in the driver’s seat and can select “Authenticity”, “Compliance” or “Certified Repair” Certificates.

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