Employee Spotlight: Joanne Giorgetti!

When people love what they do for a living, it shows… and Joanne Giorgetti is one of those people. To know Joanne is to recognize the passion that she has for her career at Assured Performance, her family, and helping others. If you’ve been lucky enough to have Joanne as your Assured Performance Account Manager, you’ve experienced her humor, vivaciousness, and positive attitude. Joanne sat down to discuss her nomination as our Assured Performance “Spotlight Team Member of the Month” and the surprising route she took toward a lifelong career in the Collision Care Industry.


As a California native, Joanne was born in San Francisco and now resides in Huntington Beach, California. She and her husband, John Giorgetti (Regional Director) both work for Assured Performance and two of her adult children work for an Assured Performance Certified Collision Center— Mission Viejo Auto Collision. While her job at Assured Performance and her interest in collision repair keep her professionally invigorated, during her personal time she loves visiting her grandchildren. She also travels to the Bay Area and frequents the wharf or enjoys shopping and fishing. An avid reader, her favorite books are – you guessed it – primarily about the Collision Care Industry!

What She Enjoys About Working With Collision Shops!

While Joanne has worked at Assured Performance for 7 years, her husband has worked alongside her for the last 5 years. The first question that friends or professional acquaintances usually ask her is less about the business of collision care and more about her husband. “People ask me, all the time, how we work together every day. It’s easy— we are a team and have been in the collision industry for over 37 years. Not only that, but more importantly, we like each other.”

John and Joanne Giorgetti

Joanne first met Scott Biggs, the CEO of Assured Performance, in 1999. She appreciates what his hard work, dedication, and emphasis on safe collision repair have done for the Industry. Her work at Assured Performance has become one of her crowning achievements. Her favorite Assured Performance phrase? “Certified Once, Recognized by Many”, which captures the benefits of the Certification process that she helps facilitate.

Joanne’s extensive automotive and collision repair experience started at Chick Iverson- Porsche Audi as an Office Manager. Later, she became an Assistant Manager at Sterling Motors-Rolls Royce BMW Body Shop, Newport Beach. She also worked at the corporate level for Southern California Collision Centers in Orange, where she trained all managerial staff. Her resume details her hard work for an assortment of well known corporate and privately owned body shops. For several years, she and her husband even owned a collision shop, JJ Collision Center in Murrieta. Her unique personal experience, especially as a former shop owner, connects her to the shops within our Network.

The close ties she has to the shops in the Assured Performance Network have caused the last few months to hit home. “At first, when we began hearing about the pandemic, there was so much uncertainty. Now, while so many have struggled and faced the fears that we all had, I am happy to see the shops in my region beginning to return fully staffed.”

What She Sees As The Future of Collision Care & Certifications

Joanne’s future goals are to help the shops she holds so dear continue their success. “The Industry is so cool. I’m always learning something new. One of my favorite parts of working at Assured Performance is the company’s ongoing vision and how we’ve managed to stay ahead of the curve by focusing on the future. We have ShopOps, marketing tools, and the Certified Repair Option (CRO). We also bring OEMs, body shops, and consumers together. Assured Performance even hosts multiple weekly webinars to ensure our shops stay plugged in and set up.”

While Joanne’s excitement surrounding her position as an Account Manager is evident, that enthusiasm ties into her personal philosophy and plans for the future, “I plan on sticking around to see what’s next for Assured Performance and our OEM partners. While some people fear change, I enjoy witnessing change and developments!”

Best part about working at Assured Performance:

“The opportunity to work with shops and our great relationships with our OEM partners, making and seeing the changes in the Industry growing into a great Community of Excellence!” – Joanne Giorgetti