Press Releases— Your ShopOps Tip of the Month!

Do your local media outlets know that you are Certified by Assured Performance and leading manufacturers? Are customers in your community aware that your facility stands out for having the right tools, equipment, training, technicians, and modified facilities?

Now is the time to let the public know about your Certified Collision Repair Provider Status!

It’s easy to submit your Official Press Release! All you have to do is answer a few questions and fill out a Press Release template – found within ShopOps. Our Marketing team will handle the rest! By using the best professional Press Release software available on the market, our team compiles a list of relevant media contacts in your area. We reach out to each contact, on your behalf, track progress and provide you with their contact information.

Once your Press Release is deployed, we send you a list of marketing strategies to engage the Media Contacts we connected with, a PDF of your official Press Release, and host a copy of your Press Release and photographs in our Official Blog!

How to Generate Your Yearly Press Release!

*Available at sign-up and once per year.

  1. Go to and Log In.

2. Select the “Marketing” tab from the top Dashboard.

3. Next, select “Press Releases” from the tabs shown at the left of your ShopOps account.

4. Enter your Official Shop Name, the year your business was established, the owner’s information and your preferred media contact person. You will also select from one of eight ready-to-use quotes about your business!

5. Select “View and Approve”.

6. After reading through your Official Press Release mockup, select “Approved”, at the bottom of the page.

7. By selecting “Save and Continue” your Press Release will immediately be sent to our Marketing team, then deployed to your local media contacts. You can reach out to your Account Manager, at any time, should you have questions.

8. You will receive a notification when you have completed the Marketing Section of ShopOps.

8. After you receive your Press Release email from our Marketing team, be sure to post a link to your Press Release – as hosted in our Assured Performance blog – for additional social media exposure!

Contact us if you need assistance setting up any aspect of your ShopOps account!