Good News Story: Universal Collision Center

Assured Performance recently had the opportunity to connect with Sheryl Driggers, co-owner of Universal Collision Center in Tallahassee, Florida. Not only is Universal Collision Center Certified by Assured Performance, Nissan, INFINITI, Kia, FCA, Hyundai, Honda, Subaru, I-Car Gold Class and Acura, but we found out why the term “Universal” has a far deeper meaning than meets the eye.

The History of Universal Collision Center

Time flies when you’re having fun and Sheryl and Jason Driggers opened their collision repair business with Frank Gandy in 2001. Frank had a decade of experience in the industry and Jason and Sheryl were a husband and wife team that possessed considerable business acumen. What started as their entrepreneurial dream for freedom has succeeded. The inspired team now co-owns three locations in Tallahassee, Florida. Between their three locations, they service around 242 vehicles, monthly, and have 44 employees.

20 Year of Success!

As they near their 20 year anniversary as a destination body shop, Sheryl has long prioritized education. Knowing how quickly technology changes, she has made a conscious decision to continue to learn more about the industry and repair process, “Our collision center is more than just cars— Universal Collision cares. That is why our business will always go the extra mile for our employees and customers.” 

How Leaders Handle Unexpected Developments

Like many Certified Collision Repair Providers, Sheryl reflects on the nature of their business— even in the midst of the unexpected developments that COVID-19 brought to their daily operations.

Sheryl explains, “We chose the name Universal Collision as we define universal as meaning inclusivity. This means having the ability to adapt and be comprehensive. We cater to each customer’s needs and, even before COVID-19 hit, our focus has been on personal and leadership development. That development training prepared us to quickly adapt to changes brought on by the pandemic. We have operated and lead our team with 3 priorities in mind …”

Sheryl’s key priorities are:

– Focus on others … instead of yourself.
– Focus on your relationships over commodities.
– Forget about the sale and focus on creating value.

Using that list, Sheryl’s business has remained robust, “That is why we offer pick-up and delivery services, as it gives us the ability to provide individualized care to each customer.”

Her positive attitude remains at the core of both her personal and professional life, “We can wallow in the negative or make a choice to look for opportunities within any storm. The pandemic has made us better. It forced us to better what we previously thought was our best.”

Certified Repairs Meet Quality Control Standards

With this deep reaching concept of innovation in mind, Universal Collision Center has begun offering “Certified Repairs” to their customers. Universal Collision Center is able to offer their customers a fully documented repair, produce a Certificate, and enjoy a modernized quality control process. 

Sheryl also views their Manufacturer Certifications with pride, “Being Certified is more than a display on our counter or a plaque on the wall. We want customers to feel confident about our repair facility and the safe and proper repairs that we provide for each vehicle.”

Universal Collision Center is committed to caring for the people in their community by focusing on repairs that the meet each manufacturer’s guidelines. With this spirit of giving back to the community, Universal Collision channels their gratitude and success into their non-profit organization. Their non-profit organization serves those who are in need.

Virtual Services to Support Their Customers

While their state remains under a mandatory mask order and recommends social distancing, Sheryl’s best practice approach has been to help their business, community, and employees continue to operate cohesively, “When COVID-19 hit, we quickly adapted to contactless pickup and delivery services, launched an electronic payment option, and continued to handle our authorizations electronically. Both our website and Facebook page allow customers to book an estimate appointment or request a repair appointment online. They can even submit photos to start the claim and repair process.”

Their vehicle sanitization methods are also top-notch, “We apply disinfectant before and after every repair and to all primary touch-points. We then place protective plastic covers on the seats, steering wheel, and floorboards. Each of our employees are equipped with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and practice social distance at work, to keep everyone safe.”

Looking Toward the Future of Repairs

When she looks toward the future, Sheryl wants Universal Collision Center to continue to serve their customers to the best of their ability. That is why they let community know about their excellent services through their website and digital or social media platforms. They also appear on a local television network’s segment of, “Ask the Expert”.

“We have a lot of repeat customers and people hear about us through word of mouth. We have also created brief, educational YouTube videos to use in our marketing. These videos range from explaining the importance of certifications – and what they mean – to educating the consumer to ask their insurance company for an Original Equipment part endorsement. We also explain the repair and claims process, and more!”

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