Good News Story! Turnpike Motors Autobody

Turnpike Motors Autobody in Newington, Connecticut has always wanted to do things differently. Not only does this mean having the right tools, training, equipment, technology, and modified facilities to become certified with over 20 different manufacturers, but the well-known collision repair provider also believes in processing perfect, verifiable repairs.

The History of Turnpike Motors Autobody

This high standard was first established by the business’s original owners— Doug Fernandez Sr. and his brother, Joe Fernandez. Doug and Joe opened Turnpike Motors Autobody in May of 1969 and their industrious ways led to success. Doug Sr.’s son, Doug Jr., currently owns the business and his team includes about 35 employees that process 30 vehicles and 8 to 10 commercial vehicles weekly.

Growing up surrounded by collision repair, Doug Jr. observed how hands-on his father was within the collision repair process. It was evident to every customer who walked through the door that Doug Sr. cared … a lot. That methodology worked perfectly with Doug Jr.’s analytical mind. When Doug Jr. came on board, to help run his father’s beloved business, he wanted to ensure that the collision repair process was fast, efficient, and met the safety standards that his father had always prioritized. 

Doug Fernandez Jr. (President of Turnpike Motors Autobody), Doug Fernandez Sr. (Original Owner), and Joe Fernandez (Original Owner)

How does Turnpike Motors Autobody ensure that their standard of perfect collision care is held company-wide? 

First, they train their staff to prioritize safety through their use of original equipment (OE) parts and manufacturer’s repair procedures. Next, they work within the confines of every customer’s insurance. Most of all, they rely on employees like Daniel Hovey, Customer Service Manager, of their well known business. When you meet someone who loves what they do, it shows in every aspect of their work life and being, and Daniel is one of those people. To his coworkers and community, he is a reminder of the high quality customer service that Doug Jr. holds paramount. To local clientele, Hovey is the employee who puts their mind at ease— whether they schedule a repair or are looking for advice on how to process their vehicle’s damage.

Dan Honey (Customer Service Manager, Turnpike Motors Autobody)

High Quality Collision Care

Hovey considers facilitating high quality collision care to be his mission in life. Hovey began working at Turnpike Motors Autobody when he was still enrolled in college and while working toward his engineering degree. Despite meeting the requirements for a double major in mathematics, Hovey knew that Turnpike Motors Autobody would provide him with a direct avenue to help make the world a safer place. 

He explains, “While one can correctly assume that being in an accident is a stressful experience. I want every single person I encounter to know that I am there to make the collision repair process comfortable, easy, and to help with any needs that they have. The customers that come to us care about our certifications. I let them know how glad I am that they have made such a smart decision to receive a quality repair from a specialist.”

Inspiring the Community

Due to his mindset, Hovey is known for his happy, upbeat personality and what gets him out of bed in the morning is just that …. his goal of spreading joy through helping others. 

“What also inspired me about Turnpike Motors Autobody was that Doug wanted to get away from a flat rate start-to-finish concept and implement the Toyota Production System (TPS). I had learned about lean thinking at UConn and was intrigued.”

Hovey goes on to describe their process of exploring that new way of thinking, “It was 2008 and we were doing something unique, which made us trailblazers in our industry. We trained technicians to conceptualize a new way of processing cars … a different way of working on high-tech vehicles.”

Company Slogan

Hovey furthers, “We chose our company slogan very carefully, deciding on, ‘When Life Happens, Turnpike Motors is There’. We mean that in the broadest sense possible. We are the perfect solution to our customers’ problems, as we identify what they need and find a solution.”

Daniel Hovey is on a professional advisory committee within his field and often offers advice to those in his industry.

Daniel’s Method for Turnpike Motors Autobody to be Triple Verified Within Their Community!

  • When drivers learn about Turnpike Motors Autobody through their insurance company, Daniel lets them know about the body shop’s status as an OEM Certified Collision Repair Provider.
  • He encourages consumers to view Turnpike Motors Autobody’s positive online reviews on Google.
  • He lets consumers know that Turnpike Motors Autobody is Certified in their specific vehicle brand. Daniel believes that being Certified and having good customer service is the reason for their positive online reviews.

Turnpike Motors Autobody is ready and qualified to fix your late model car.

They are Certified by Assured Performance, Acura, Alfa Romeo, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, C8 Corvette, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Repair Capable — Aluminum, Repair Capable — Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, INFINITI, Jeep, Kia, Nissan Subaru, and VW.


Genaro Anselmo (Structural Technician, Turnpike Motors Autobody)