The Ultimate 2021 Business Guide for Collision Repair Providers

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Are you ready for your business to experience growth, success, and ease in 2021?

         Whether you own or manage a Certified Collision Repair business, staying up-to-date on industry trends, business-related technology, and marketing tips is essential. While every year presents its own unique challenges, your success in 2021 will benefit from a strategic new marketing approach that highlights your ability to provide expert Collision Care for the high-tech vehicles in your community. Our Ultimate Business Guide gives Assured Performance Network members 50 cutting-edge business and marketing tips that help you stay ahead of the competition, promote your status as a “Certified Repair” Provider, grow revenue, and ensure that your staff is well-trained and prepared. Follow this guide and learn the best way to let your community know that you offer convenient virtual estimates, pick up and delivery services, and expert “touch-less” Collision Care!

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_tta_tour][vc_tta_section i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-graduation-cap” add_icon=”true” title=”Managing Technology & Training” tab_id=”1607531114237-551d3b06-b744″][vc_column_text]Find out how to stay on top of the latest Collision Care innovations — from digital training programs & apps … to offering your customers Certified Repairs. Discover time-saving hacks to manage employees’ training, expand your repair facility’s expertise, and become known as the best place to get touch-less Collision Care.

  1. Secure Your Business in the Cloud:

    Today’s technology presents us with a buffet of options when it comes to storing files and paperwork. A physical file is no longer the best or most convenient way to store information. Enter, “the Cloud!” Secure your data and files via the cloud to save space and keep your information significantly more secure. Your ShopOps
    Document Manager will allow you to safely store confidential information, control vital processes, and save the documents that you need to keep the wheels turning. In addition, Assured Performance Network members can now offer their community Fully Documented Certified Repairs and secure those repair details in the Cloud!
  2. Streamline Your Training Opportunities:

    Now more than ever, it is essential to keep up-to-date with the latest changes and trainings. Today’s vehicles are evolving at a rapid pace and these changes require that your technicians stay on the cutting edge. Go to ShopOps
    Training Manager to access convenient links for the information that you and your employees need most. Stay ahead in the collision care industry and view updates for I-CAR, AMi, 3M and more. Another great way to keep learning? Attend industry related webinars or tune in to collision care related podcasts.
  3. Update Your Businesses’ Safety Protocols:

    Say “hello” to self-driving cars! These days, technology advances at warp speed and, just like following OEM repair procedures, the safety precautions that you follow for your business should keep up with industry changes. Stay ahead of your competitors by regularly reviewing safety protocols to determine where you can improve your quality control practices, minimize risk at your facility, and protect your standing with your customers and staff. Now is the time to determine
    your shop’s high standards and offer your community Fully Documented Certified Repairs. Becoming a Certified Repair Provider means that your technicians have properly documented the high quality repairs that you provide, using a patent pending app called RepairDOC. You can easily document quality parts use, safety scan information, use of OEM repair procedures, and become a beacon of light in your community. Certified Repairs change the way you handle quality control and help to protect your business. You perform repairs correctly and Certified Repairs now give your business proof.
  4. Keep Your Staff Prepared for Every Scenario:

    Train your team to be more than someone who clocks in and out. By encouraging their familiarity with virtual documentation through RepairDOC, your employees’ expertise will grow, which will enhance their confidence and show in their finished work … and the positive changes to your bottom line.
  5. Everyone Likes a Certified Repair Certificate & Invoice:

    Certified Collision Repair Providers have been independently inspected and found to have the right tools, training, equipment, and modified facilities. Now, you can print and/or email your customer designated proof of the Fully Documented Certified Repairs that you provide. Provide your customers with a Compliance, Authenticity, and/or Certified Repair Certificate, as well as a
    Certified Repair Invoice. Invoicing for Certified Repairs is found within ShopOps, under the “RepairDOC Cert.” tab. This invoicing feature will allow you to showcase your OE parts use, Certified data, turn on/off line item data, list final repair operation & an easy-to-view total cost … and more! Let your customers have a tangible reminder of the high quality Certified Repair that they received.

[/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”READ TIPS: #6-24 (Marketing Tips)” color=”primary” align=”center” link=”|||”][vc_empty_space][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-line-chart” add_icon=”true” title=”Marketing Tips” tab_id=”1607531114257-57f043ac-8d15″][vc_column_text]Ready to grow your business and deepen your community ties with easy-to-adopt marketing techniques? Fine-tune your marketing tactics, expand your social media presence, and stand out from the competition. This is how you can use ShopOps and On Demand Digital Marketing to let your community know that you’re a Certified Repair Provider of excellence.

  1. Jump on the Social Bandwagon:

    Digital marketing may still feel new to you, but it is often the secret ingredient for boosting brand awareness and revenue. Facebook and Instagram ads, in particular, allow you to geo-target your customers based on their interests, demographics, and behavior with your services. Read more about how Marquis Auto Body used
    On Demand Marketing in Shop Ops and went VIRAL! According to Fender Bender, 34% of body shops that post on social media – even just once a week – report an annual revenue of over $2.5 million, compared to just 29% of body shops that never post. Social = Sales! Want to post more but don’t have a designated social media person for your business? ShopOps makes it easy! Download sharable print and social media posts here.
  2. Approve Your Press Release … & We Will Distribute It!

    Your OEM Certified status, facility modifications & the Certified Repairs that you offer matter … and the public should know about them! A press release will alert consumers in your market about your Certified Repair Provider status. We make it easy! Select your favorite statement in our ShopOps’ marketing portal (ShopOps > Marketing >
    Press Releases). Access customizable press release templates and approve them for us to send, in just a few easy clicks.
  3. Review and Remodel Your Website:

    Just as your storefront welcomes your community to your business, your locator website is your business’s digital front porch. Most of us have visited a business URL that looks like it hasn’t been updated since 1999 and we may view the business accordingly. Visit ShopOps to update your
    Landing Page (ShopOps > Marketing > Landing Pages) and bring your OEM & Auto Body Locator website into 2021. Customers will want to book an appointment or receive a free estimate, when they interact with your updated locator page. Select one of our customizable design templates, enter a description, add photos, and create a polished & seamless online presence that prospective customers will appreciate. Best of all, your OEM Certifications and Certified Repair Provider status will be visible and searchable.
  4. Boost Your Search Results with SEO:

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a critical aspect of digital marketing. The more relevant the content that you have on your website is, the more search engines like Google will “bump up” your standing in the search results. Most people choose their collision repair providers from the
    top search results and (at least!) the first page. Your front page status can make a massive difference in consumer awareness without a massive advertising budget. Thoroughly fill in your social media profiles, Landing Page details, add your Certified Repair Provider status, and list your OEM Certifications on all of your marketing efforts.
  5. And Share Your Efforts With Your Customers:

    A strong SEO campaign can rapidly grow the number of new business inquiries that you receive. As your business begins to pop up on the front page of Google, continue to link to your
    Auto Body Locator page and encourage your customers to share your designated web page and locator page on their own social media pages (especially when they recommend you to friends and family). The time you invest up front will result in many more dollars down the line.
  6. Consider Your Branding:

    Think of your business as a brand. Brand marketing emphasizes consistent use of graphics, colors, and slogans to enforce your brand’s standing with consumers. By creating a strong public identity that your community recognizes, repetition will build trust. Even better, trust creates
    revenue and attracts those in search of quality touch-less care from a Certified Repair Provider. Commit to your logo, slogan, and an “official” palette of bold and attractive color hues … then use your branding on everything, from business cards to social media websites … or on cups & t-shirts!
  7. Go to ShopOps to Access Logos Showing Your OEM Certifications!

    You are
    allowed to use the designated logos for the manufacturers you are Certified with in conjunction to your marketing. To locate and download your approved-use OEM logos from your ShopOps account, go to, login, and select Marketing > Certification Logos. These same logos will be shown by manufacturers and on, when customers search for a Certified Collision Care Provider.
  8. Publish New Social Content Regularly:

    More than any generation before them, Millennials and Generation Xers like to conduct research before they make a decision. While you don’t have to post daily, regular updates will let your audience know that you are a Certified Repair Provider that they can trust and rely upon. Experiment with your
    social content! Post lively photos or a promotional “merch” giveaway, then add testimonials given by your satisfied customers. Encourage your followers to tag you on social media and review your business on Google. Social media can help new followers become raving fans and customers! Stuck on what to post? Introduce your employees, talk about your company’s history, highlight completed jobs, or discuss the convenient contact-less pick up and delivery services that you offer. Use social media to let customers know that they can submit virtual or online photo estimates from the comfort of their home. Above all, engage, engage, engage!
  9. Use Instagram Stories:

    Think of Stories as content that will receive more immediate attention than typical posts, which they will … according to
    market research. Not only are stories entertaining, but they also enable you to ask questions of your followers. Your audience can vote in polls and surveys, while you cross-publish on Facebook for added reach. The immediate nature of the medium (most “stories” expire after just 24 hours) means that you can post on the fly, without drastic editing. Start by sharing a walkthrough of the Certified Repair process or explain why a Fully Documented Certified Repair is essential for high-tech vehicles. Consumers love transparency and authenticity!
  10. Revive Traditional Advertising:

    Your busy customers are not only on social media. They also go on road trips, watch TV, and go to the dentist. For this reason, classic marketing methods like postcard mailers, billboards, commercials, and event signage still perform well.
    Download Certified Repair trifolds, postcards, and flyers from ShopOps > Marketing > On Demand Marketing. Whether you sponsor a Little League team or fill the local airwaves with your company’s catchy jingle, you will be able to get eyes and ears on your brand and reach new customers. By using logos (your own and logos for the OEMs you are Certified with) and graphics consistently, consumers will gain awareness of your brand.
  11. Share Your Good:

    Whether your business is locally-owned or part of a widely recognized MSO, your customers generally live near the body shop that they give their business to. Give back to the community via charity donations like
    NABC Recycled Rides, local canned food drives, or event sponsorship. Not only will this make the world a better place, but your business will receive free publicity  and may even reach an entirely new audience. Another plus to consider: Tax deductions!
  12. Make Your Lobby Pinterest-Perfect:

    According to a study by
    ResearchGate, first impressions matter, as they set the stage for whether or not the public will view your business and staff as Collision Care Experts who take pride in their work or an average collision repair body shop. When the public enters your facility, wow them with a clean, bright, and cheerful interior where they will enjoy passing time. Highlight your Certified Repair marketing materials, OEM signage, and offer high-speed WiFi. While a well-stocked coffee station will go a long way toward boosting customer satisfaction, so will touch-less pick up & delivery options … complete with a professional, printed Certified Repair Invoice & Certificate.
  13. Add Some Flair to Your Walls:

    If the benefits of an attractive lobby didn’t convince you, tip #18 will. One of the most appealing and highly regarded aspects of being a Certified Repair Provider is being able to display your Certified signage on the walls of your business. Showcasing the highly regarded Assured Performance and manufacturer Certifications that you attained is a win for your staff and customers. Your official signage will feature
    bold aluminum plating and modern designs that will catch your consumers’ eyes and show them how much quality Collision Care & being a Certified Repair Provider means to you.
  14. Study Your Reviews & Learn from Them:

    Remember the adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones?” Redefine the phrase to be positive, as feedback can help you to transform your business. Use lackluster reviews to help you gauge what your business is doing well and what areas you can improve. If you do receive a negative review, personally reach out to the poster. Acknowledging a reviewer’s negative experience with your human touch may remedy the situation. They may even replace their bad review with a positive one!
  15. Experiment with Email Marketing:

    Now that you have a social media presence, your OEM signage displayed, Certified Repair marketing materials in your lobby, and your OEM & Auto Body Locator page updated via ShopOps, it’s time to redefine your use of email. While social media can be used weekly, consider supplementing your consumer connection through a monthly email campaign. This will deliver informative analytics about your messaging and keep your business fresh in the minds of consumers. Not sure what to share? Subscribe to the non-profit side of Assured Performance (
    Collision Care) and share our consumer facing Collision Care blog content! This will allow you to educate your audience and you can even promote star employees, share Certified Repair images, or even remind recipients of holiday hours and seasonal clock changes. Another great addition to email is video! Include video content in your email to increase click-through rates by as much as 300%.
  16. Get to Know Your Competitors:

    A little friendly competition never hurts anyone, and according to, getting to know your local competitors can even help you to make smarter business decisions. Stay aware of other repair providers in your market and stand out from the pack by offering Fully Documented Certified Repairs that consumers can select without even leaving their home. When you review the social media pages of local competitors, notice the clientele engaging with them and what they are promoting. Then, consider what you can do differently or methods and practices that you might want to adopt? Facebook allows you to track up to 5 competing websites, which will give you great insight into their success or limited scope. Once you understand what your competition does well, you’ll have a head start on doing even better as a member of the most advanced repair capable Network in North America and Canada.
  17. Define Your Market Niche–and Let the World Know:

    Does your business try to be all things to all people or have you cornered your local market by promoting the manufacturers you are Certified with? While you want to welcome all potential customers, market your shop as a Certified Repair Provider that specializes in repairing late model vehicles. By attracting great reviews and community-wide attention, you may even attract out-of-town business! Assured Performance has added new partner OEM brands, even within the least year! (
    Repairer Driven News)
  18. Go to Social Media School:

    Don’t be intimidated by Facebook’s broad range of advertising tools for business pages. Instead, try to advance schedule your page’s posts, watch online tutorials, or connect with your Assured Performance Regional Director for support as you offer Certified Repairs. Advance scheduling social posts will help you to remain organized and feel like a seasoned professional. Designate someone at your business to update your social pages regularly and frequently visit the On Demand Marketing (ODM) section of ShopOps. New content is continually added to Shopops (ODM) and downloading content is not a one time event. Once you see what your customers respond to the most, you will be able to better target what works, delete what does not, and experiment your way to success!
  19. Enlist and Engage:

    Competition is tough. Put all your new marketing capabilities to work and join or share a deal with your local Chamber of Commerce. Social networks extend beyond websites and apps. Building personal face-to-face connections will help you establish lasting success. In addition, share consumer friendly industry updates brought to you by

[/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”READ TIPS: #25-32 (Planning for the Year and Beyond)” color=”primary” align=”center” link=”|||”][vc_empty_space][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-pencil-square-o” add_icon=”true” title=”Planning for the Year and Beyond” tab_id=”1607531887523-814e50fd-8d63″][vc_column_text]To keep your repair business running smoothly it is imperative that you keep track of your financial documents, customer data, employee’s training, and all critical elements of your business that help you make smart decisions. Learn why your ShopOps Business Management tools will become your favorite business companion in 2021.

  1. Put It on Paper:

    Writing a business plan will act as a roadmap to help your business achieve its goals. As you complete your ShopOps Landing Page
    description, stop and consider your business’s mission statement and use that as inspiration for your business plan. Consider whether or not you plan to open up a second (or third … or fourth) facility and how much funding might you need down the road? Don’t put off planning for the future. Instead, create a digital plan using the business tools and ProForma found in ShopOps.
  2. Check the Books:

    The new year is a great time to review your goals and finances with a fresh perspective. Be realistic about the wins and losses of your budgeting in 2020 and what you’d like to change for 2021. As always, visit
    ShopOps and explore your Business Improvement tab. Update your Business Profile, complete a Best Practice Assessment, view your Business Improvement Report, look for Buying Opportunities, complete a Pro Forma, and more!
  3. Plan for the Unexpected:

    While no one expected the changes that 2020 brought, one lesson for all of us is that it’s essential to plan for emergencies and unexpected changes. Consider adding additional assets to a reserve account that will carry you through three months without revenue. Even if you start small, every dollar you save brings you closer to that goal.
  4. Complete Your Best Practices Assessment:

    Are you doing everything that you can to maximize your facility’s resources? Audit your business with a ShopOps
    Best Practices Assessment that measures the success of every aspect of your collision care business, from accounting procedures to customer care to equipment maintenance. Our detailed assessment may be all that you need to discover new ways to stand out from the competition and grow revenue, such as becoming a community leader and offering Certified Repairs.
  5. Prepare for the Next Season:

    Summer may be thought of as the season to relax, but while you’re having fun in the sun, your competitors are preparing for “collision repair season.” Use the summer months to speed ahead of the curve by studying industry trends, making sure your technicians are trained and up-to-date, and investing in cutting-edge equipment with a long view of the future. Don’t only focus on this week or next, use your down time constructively. Ready to receive RepairDOC training? Our Regional Directors will schedule a virtual tutorial with your technicians.
  6. Prioritize Your 2022 Wish List:

    Quality collision care equipment can be
    costly, especially with today’s ever evolving industry innovations. Before drafting your shop’s shopping list, review your business planning tools in ShopOps, audit your current facility, and determine what will bring your business the most success going forward. Focus on the tools and equipment that will be the best investments for your business and help you gain additional Certifications. ShopOps Technology Training & Education can help you make informed decisions about your future needs (and wants).
  7. Make Smart Money Moves with ProForma:

    Assured Performance Network’s ProForma, found in ShopOps, was designed to help Certified Collision Repair Providers make informed financial decisions. A Pro Forma is a confidential tool that lays out
    how changes will impact your bottom line. Pro Forma modeling provides you with a “what if” calculator to illustrate the financial impact prior to making an investment or strategic change to your existing business model. Study trends from your previous year, including revenue, debt, and accounts receivable. Especially after a tumultuous year like 2020, preparation will help your business be ready for anything.
  8. Review and Revise Your Business Plan:

    Whether yours is years old or brand new (because you followed Tip #25!), your business plan shouldn’t be a one time event. Mark your calendar and give your Business Plan a mid-year or quarterly glance. A lot can change between January and July, as we all learned in 2020. Review your business plan, now, and thank yourself later.

[/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”READ TIPS: # 33-45 (Documenting the Repair Process)” color=”primary” align=”center” link=”|||”][vc_empty_space][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-users” add_icon=”true” title=”Documenting the Repair Process” tab_id=”1607532078717-94671fcf-f472″][vc_column_text]As a Manufacturer Certified-Recognized Collision Repair Provider, you have proudly been independently inspected and found to have the right tools, training, equipment, and modified facilities to properly repair your customer’s vehicles. Consider why you went through the Certification process. More likely than not, it was so you could have pride in your work and protect your community by being OEM Certified. To maintain excellent Collision Care standards offer Fully Documented Certified Repairs.

When you document the repair process, not only do you protect the liability of your business, but you also keep your customers safe on the road by helping to ensure the fit, finish, functionality, durability, value, and safety of their vehicle. Collision Care is essential to your business. Let 2021 be the year you focus on new innovations in workforce management, talent recruitment, and performance reviews to enhance your company’s team work, success, and professionalism.

  1. Take Care of Your Community by offering Touch-less Care:

    While your shop is invested in Collision Care on a daily basis, customers find the experience of being in an accident stressful and want peace of mind. Offer convenient Collision Care that local residents can access from their home turf, by providing online photo estimates, pick up & delivery options, and making every repair a Fully Documented “Certified Repair”. Direct your community toward “touch-less” Collision Care at Share your shop’s designated landing page and book more appointments. Being an Assured Performance Collision Care Provider is an asset to your community and customers will appreciate the touch-less care that you offer. Get discovered today!
  2. Promote Every Certified Repair:

    Providing every customer with a Fully Documented Certified Repair boosts confidence in your work and enhances consumer loyalty toward your business. When you offer the Certified Repair Option to your community, you stand out by providing each customer with a safe, quality repair that they cannot get anywhere else and that regular body shops cannot provide.
    Given the choice, your customers want a Certified Repair Certificate and an accompanying Fully Documented Invoice over an ordinary or standard repair. By following OEM repair procedures and documenting repair details, safety scans, and paint use you will have a head start on the future. Show your community that you care enough to provide the best collision repair on the market. Download your ShopOps On Demand Marketing (ODM) Certified Repair Option marketing flyers today and give one to every customer that you engage with.
  3. Nurture Your Staff:

    Did you know job satisfaction can affect your bottom line? According to a recent
    study, happy salespeople closed 37% more deals than their less content counterparts and companies with happy staff produce 20% more revenue than their competitors. Encourage open communication with management, recognize a job well done, and encourage education that keeps your staff on a career-track & may all boost staff morale. ShopOps’ human resources tools can you get where you need to go!
  4. Support New Talent and Build a Staff that Lasts:

    Thanks to your new marketing techniques & reputation as a Collision Care provider, your business is attracting more customers than ever. This means that it is time to grow your workforce. As a Certified Collision Repair Provider, choose staff that are well trained, willing to learn, and interested in the future of Collision Care.
  5. Recognize Your Staff’s Individual Talents:

    Perhaps your senior-level technician is great with computers or your receptionist went above and beyond for a new customer. Corporate guru like John B,
    suggest that accolades foster “a collaborative environment where high performers are eager to teach their peers how to achieve similar results.” In other words, your industrious technician might inspire his or her coworkers to add to their current skill set.
  6. Take your next meeting to the streets:

    While you may prefer Microsoft or Android to Apple, legendary CEO, Steve Jobs, was famous for conducting all of his meetings on foot. He believed that walking at a brisk pace generated more inventive ideas and conversations than simply sitting in an office. While your professional role at your business may not allow much time away from the office, try to squeeze a 15-minute walking break into each work day and discover how it affects your productivity. ( This brief break from the office may leave you invigorated and refreshed!
  7. Update and Circulate Your Employee Handbook:

    An Employee Handbook is an important HR tool that shows your staff that you care for their well-being. It gives clarity to rules and safety guidelines. While you’re working on your employee handbook, also update the
    HR & Skill Set-Up tab in ShopOps!
  8. Schedule Regular Employee Reviews:

    Good news about bad news: A
    LinkedIn survey recently found that 92% of employees surveyed said receiving constructive feedback, when delivered appropriately, would improve their job performance. Once every few months, take ten minutes to appraise each of your employees one-on-one. Ask them to come prepared with feedback for you, as well, because constructive criticism can  help to improve management. Speak to them frankly about their strengths and areas of improvement, all while rewarding work that is well done. This will give all parties involved the ability to problem-solve and benefit from honest dialogue. Be prepared for their thoughts on your daily operations as well.
  9. Keep Your Team Healthy:

    A bright, clean, and hygienic business not only looks great, but it also helps to protect your staff and employees from germs and safety hazards. Sanitize high-traffic areas regularly, especially bathrooms, and send home any staff members who show signs of serious or contagious illnesses. By now, essential workers are familiar with Covid-19 safety protocols. However, even in the absence of worries about the coronavirus, encourage your employees to make their health – and the health of your customers – a top priority.
  10. Encourage New Ideas (from Employees):

    Whether you’re talking to a seasoned technician or a brand new apprentice, every member of your team brings his or her own unique perspective to your business. If you find yourself stuck, when evaluating a problem, and desire a fresh solution, ask your staff. They may surprise you with their observations. Your inquiry will also show that you value their opinions, which will boost staff confidence in a major way.
  11. Formalize Your HR Processes:

    A good human resources (HR) team can make the difference between a productive, profitable company and one that just hums along. ShopOps’ HR capabilities can help to assist your human resources personnel with tracking staff, trainings, and documents, which can provide solutions to common staff-related issues.
  12. Two Words: Time Management:

    Whether you’re a chronic procrastinator or just love to linger with your customers over coffee and talk about the local news, you can never regain lost time. Flip the script with subtle changes to your daily routine. Set office hours so your employees can address work issues in an organized way, then close your door and hide your smartphone when you need to focus. Place one dedicated team member in charge of at least 30 minutes every day spent on social media marketing. The more steady your habits, the more productivity (and revenue) you will squeeze out of every minute.
  13. Take a Day Off!

    Here are some exhausting
    figures: One out of every four small business owners works more than 60 hours a week. And just 57% take vacations. There are, however, good reasons to turn on your “Out of Office” notifications. Management fatigue can lead to career burnout and the blues, and the profits to match. Time spent away from your collision repair business will be well spent. Make time for family and friends, clear your mind, and notice whether new motivated concepts begin to reenter your mind!

[/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”READ TIPS: #46-50 (Customer Service)” color=”primary” align=”center” link=”|||”][vc_empty_space][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-thumbs-up” add_icon=”true” title=”Customer Service” tab_id=”1607532251984-4883fc2a-1ff6″][vc_column_text]Draw new customers toward your business by nurturing the client base that you already have. By being Certified, offering Fully Documented Certified Repairs, and offering touch-less care, new customers will be glad to choose you for their collision care needs. They’ll be even more ecstatic when they discover that your facilities and amenities are designed to please.

  1. Get Connected:

    Offer wireless internet access to your customers! A majority of Americans–from Baby Boomers to the perpetually plugged-in Generation Z—now expect free Wi-Fi when they enter a business. Before you share that password, however, make sure your facility’s connection is strong with reliable service and few interruptions. The only thing better than free Wi-Fi is free,
    fast Wi-Fi! (Eire Systems)
  2. Give Your Facility a Makeover:

    In the real estate industry, curb appeal is touted as an easy way for a property owner to increase a return on their investment. Similarly, new street-facing signage or a fresh coat of paint in your body hop can go a long way toward impressing your Collision Care customers. Other aesthetic ideas: Repave your parking lot, plant flowers around the main entrance, and make sure your windows and public restroom sparkle!
  3. Stock Your Front & Back Office:

    After you’ve made your facility sparkle, stock it with everything your staff needs to conduct business quickly and efficiently. Set up a standard of procedure for when supplies run low and when you need to purchase new office equipment — so you never get stuck with an inkless printer and an impatient customer.
  4. Try Offering Free Loaners to Your Customers:

    Assured Performance Certified Collision Care Providers can take advantage of the non-profit organization’s special relationship with Enterprise so you can supply your customers with the wheels they need. You’ll create goodwill and boost your search results on in the process.
  5. Check Back With Your Customers:

    Resolve to send every customer a follow up email or phone call after their vehicle has been repaired or upon delivery. Reinforce the benefits of their Certified Repair and consider sending out Customer Service questionnaires yearly. By conducting business in this manner, when a customer’s vehicle needs more work, you’ll be the first to know. Even better, drivers will appreciate your consistency and care — and you simply cannot pay for that kind of PR!

[/vc_column_text][vc_separator color=”black” style=”shadow” el_width=”90″][vc_empty_space height=”16px”][vc_column_text]We hope that you enjoyed our first ever 50 tips business guide!

         Let us know which tips help your business the most and any that you wish we would add! If you’re ready to drive your Collision Care businesses into the future, start with the changes that will bring your business the most positive attention and track the benefits. Taking action & offer Fully Documented Certified Repairs to bring you a step closer to becoming the Collision Care Provider in your market or making sure that you retain your community favorite “Best of” status, for many years to come.

Connect with us online! Follow us on social media and be sure to read our weekly blogs: Assured Performance and Collision Care. Share the Collision Care education that your audience will care about most! If you’re ready for more in 2021, connect with us directly and find out what’s next. Visit, email or call (949) 221-0010.