Leading National MSOs Commit to 100% Assured Performance Certification

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 16, 2021     


Leading National MSOs Commit to 100% Assured Performance Certification

Aliso Viejo, CA, February 16, 2021—Today, Assured Performance announced that two leading national MSOs participating in their Certified Repair Provider Network have committed to 100% of their locations becoming Certified. Already touting the highest percentage of certified locations nationwide, their commitment to 100% compliance establishes Joe Hudson’s Collision Center and Crash Champions as undisputed market leaders. As part of their overall commitment, their locations will feature a Collision Care service experience with the consumer option of receiving a fully documented “Certified Repair.” Their strategy gives them a competitive market advantage throughout North America among large multi-shop operators (MSOs).

Joe Hudson’s Collision Center has 119 locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Cameron Dickson, the COO of Joe Hudson’s Collision Center, explains, “Our decision to be 100% Certified is an extension of our commitment to provide all of our customers with an excellent repair experience in a timely manner at every one of our locations … rather than only a select few.”

To ensure the integrity of their certification, the onsite inspection and internal auditing process is consistent with all repairers certified by Assured Performance. Each of their hundreds of locations are physically inspected using a patented geo-tracking app that electronically documents proof that they meet or exceed the highest industry standards. The app records images and even video to provide proof that the repairer possesses and employs the right tools, equipment, training, and facility modifications necessary to repair technologically advanced vehicles. The equipment serial number and model information are matched to a list of equipment that meets the manufacturers’ specifications.  Secondarily, all proof is scrutinized through multiple steps and approvals. All electronic proof is safeguarded and maintained online and is accessible by participating OEMs and other collaborative entities. The adoption of the Certified Repair Provider standards and tools help to ensure that consumers receive a proper and safe repair.

Cameron Dickson further says, “Being a Certified Collision Repair Provider aligns with our mission statement—to give our customers the best possible repairs. The training and recognition that accompany Assured Performance Collision Care and Certification programs help us to fulfill our commitment to every customer.”

Crash Champions, whose brand continues to grow throughout the United States, is another key MSO committed to a Certified future. They recently made big news with their merger with Pacific Elite Collision Centers in Southern California … as well as the acquisition of Orange County’s powerhouse Fountain Valley Bodyworks’ two locations. Their growing footprint of 60 locations currently covers six states including Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, and California. They have also set their strategy on 100% Certified locations and offering their consumers a Certified Repair option.

Natalie Zajc, V.P. of Marketing, explains, “Manufacturer certifications have been the Crash Champions organization’s business focus over the last five years. As a company, we are dedicated to providing the safest repairs in the industry.”

Matt Ebert, Crash Champions CEO, elaborated that offering a Certified Repair is a key part of their larger organizational mission and said, “Our goal is to provide our team with the best tooling, training, and facilities so that every employee can maximize their true potential. As vehicle technology is changing rapidly, we remain laser focused on recruiting and retain only the best employees that the industry has to offer.”

Scott Biggs, Founder and Assured Performance Chairman of the Board, stated, “These leading MSOs, Joe Hudson’s Collision Center and Crash Champions, are setting the standards by which all others will be measured. They are employing a powerful market strategy by leveraging our multi-OEM Certification program and focusing on the highest quality repairs and customer satisfaction.”

About Assured Performance Collision Care:

Collision Care (www.collisioncare.org) is a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization and internationally recognized certifying entity established as a collaborative effort to address the critical industry need. Today, Assured Performance is the largest and most advanced repair-capable network of over 3,000 Certified Repair Providers in North America with strategic partnerships and official recognition by leading automobile manufacturers, insurers, and other industry stakeholders.

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