My Experience at Nissan & INFINITI’s Two-Day Scanning & Calibrations Training Courses

In early December 2020, I had the pleasure of taking Nissan & INFINITI’s scanning and calibrations course in Jacksonville, Florida. The experience opened my eyes to the future-forward procedures that must be followed after a vehicle is involved in an accident.

ADAS-equipped vehicles are being repaired today by shops across the country and whether you currently perform scanning and calibrations on ADAS systems now or plan to in the future, this class is a must-take. It can help any Nissan/INFINITI Certified Centers make sure that calibrations are being performed correctly so the vehicle meets industry safety standards when it gets back on the road.

Nissan, Collision Advice, and AsTech have done a phenomenal job of putting together an immersive training event for technicians that tackles real problem-solving in a shop environment. Every team will benefit from the course.

To sign up for the class or receive more information, please visit or contact me directly at (949) 221-0010, extension 305, or

** Please note that ADAS is highly recommended but not required for Certification.