Shop Ops Tip of the Month: Pro Forma

Within ShopOps’ Business Improvement section, you will find a hidden gem called Pro Forma. The Pro Forma modeling tool is designed to help Certified Collision Care Providers like you compare financial decisions before you make them. A Pro Forma is a confidential tool that lays out how changes will impact your bottom line. It provides you with a “what if” calculator that will allow you to show the actual financial impact before making an investment or strategic change to your existing business model. Study trends from your previous year, including revenue, debt, and accounts receivable. Especially after a tumultuous year like 2020, this preparation will help your business be ready for anything.

To use “Pro Forma” found in ShopOps, do this:

1. Go to and log into your ShopOps account.

2. Select “Business Improvement” from the top tab bar.

3. Select “PRO FORMA” in the left side bar.

4. Click the blue box labelled “Create New Pro Forma Financial Scenario”.

5. Fill in the blanks. You can give your report a title, enter an average repair order total, an approximate number of vehicles repaired per year, and an estimated annual gross sales number. Finally, you will enter a length of time to run this “what if” test, including months or years.

6. Click the blue box in the lower right corner named “Proceed to Financial Input” and find your results fast!

When you run multiple Pro Forma reports to contrast and compare scenarios, you gain insight to how different variables—like number of vehicles repaired—affects your ultimate sales goals. This insight empowers you to make smarter decisions so you can grow your business with fewer surprises, more knowledge, and best of all, more confidence. Try using Pro Forma in ShopOps today!