Tech Tip of the Month – Proper Planning

My tech tip for the month of May is Proper Planning!

While proper planning is often overlooked, it is crucial to have a complete blueprint for each and every repair that you complete. Proper planning is essential to your quality control process and will help you to avoid costly or dangerous mistakes during the front or back end of a repair.

Proper Planning Helps to Identify:

  1. Parts use (Additional parts that are necessary to a complete, safe, and quality repair)
  2. Additional labor operations
  3. Additional damage found during blueprinting.

    **Remember, if you manage or own a collision repair business and your technicians have a lot of experience, they may incorrectly believe that they no longer need to review the manufacturer’s repair procedures. However, that is not the case. By properly reviewing the repair procedures for each and every repair, you technicians will be following a best practice approach.**

    Technicians of all skill levels need to read and understand what the repair procedures are communicating. This will help to make sure that nothing is missed.

    Proper Planning Means Documentation

    Whether you are processing a collision repair, mechanical, or refinish job, make sure that you have a plan to properly document the repair process. By reviewing the manufacturer’s repair procedures in our proprietary documentation app, RepairDOC, your technicians can then plan out a structural pull or figure out an electrical issue. By properly planning and documenting every aspect of the repair process, you will remove any guesswork, prevent expensive do-overs, and have a superior quality control process that result in a safe repair.

    By completing every repair through the use of RepairDOC, your well-thought-out plan will also be more efficient and thorough. This will give your customers confidence in the quality repairs that you provide to ensure their safety as they get back on the road. By providing every customer with a fully documented Certified Repair and Certificate, as well as a fully documented invoice listing quality parts use and repair details, you will be known as a best-in-class “Certified Repair” Provider, 

    There are 3 standout reasons why you want to produce a Certified Repair Certificate. 

    One, you want to mitigate liability and this is a great way to do that. Everything is stored in the cloud for the lifetime of the vehicle, each and every time you document a repair using RepairDOC.Second, you are able to give your customers peace of mind that their vehicle is going to be repaired properly. A fully documented repair is a better repair!

    Third, by giving your customers a Certified Repair certificate and a fully documented invoice, you are offering something better than any other repair provider in your marketplace.

Proper planning will also save you time and, in our industry, this means success for your business. Doing things the right way is always a win-win!

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