Good News Story: Get To Know Carriage Shoppe

Every dream starts with a great idea. For Steve Mecham, the owner of Carriage Shoppe in Fort Collins, Colorado, his dream was to own and operate a quality collision business where he and his wife, Lynn Mecham, could work for themselves in the industry they love. Motivated by that dream, Carriage Shoppe opened in 1981 when Steve was 21-years-old and had completed training as a technician.

Steve and Lynn Mecham, Owners of Carriage Shoppe

While their early origins still bring a smile to his face, Steve & Lynn’s business has grown to consist of 20 employees with 70 to 100 cars processed monthly. Out of those cars, most come through insurance company referrals and word of mouth. Their Collision Care business is Certified by Assured Performance, FCA, Hyundai, Kia, Repair Capable Ford, Repair Capable Toyota, Repair Capable GM, Repair Capable Subaru, Repair Capable Volkswagen, and Repair Capable Mazda.

Assured Performance recently connected with Charles Trodick, who has worked for Carriage Shoppe for 5 years as a Production Manager. This is what he shared about Carriage Shoppe’s success as a Certified Repair Provider!

Charles Trodick, Production Manager for Carriage Shoppe

Servicing the communities of Fort Collins, Wellington and Windsor Colorado … along with Cheyenne, Wyoming, Carriage Shoppe strives for the greatest service possible.

“We work really hard to produce the best quality work in the area. There’s no match for the quality and care that we offer here,” says Trodick. “We are always learning new tips and tricks.” This includes keeping their technicians, technology, and manufacturer Certifications up-to-date.

We asked Trodick why their Certified Collision Repair business stands out. His answer, “Our outstanding customer service and impressive Certifications. Every technician in the shop has special training. It keeps us current with the manufacturers and moving in the right direction … while lifting a heavy weight off our customer’s shoulders.”


As a Certified Repair Provider, Carriage Shoppe is dedicated to regularly upgrading every aspect of their business, to make sure they’re prepared for long-term growth. Technicians at Carriage Shoppe receive specific manufacturer training to keep their business moving forward.

Carriage Shoppe’s customers have been very pleased with the total repair documentation they offer. “Not only do our customers get a Fully Documented Certified Repair, but they also get a paper certificate. This allows us to provide a better level of customer service and remove stress from the repair process.” Carriage Shoppe currently offers Certified Repairs for all types of vehicles.

Their customers weren’t the only ones to react with a big “YES!”. Trodick details how their technicians have welcomed the changes. “Total repair documentation lets our technicians make sure that they properly complete every step of the repair. This technology allows them to go back and review what needs to be completed. This gives us an improved method to keep an eye on the cars being serviced in our shop. It also helps me notice things I might not normally look at.”

Carriage Shoppe’s popularity is from a diverse list. Drivers find them through word of mouth, as return customers, and through insurance assignments. They also promote Certified Repairs by advertising with Google Ads, which has greatly increased the number of calls they get monthly.

Trodick encourages other shops to become Certified.

“Being Certified pays off tremendously in the long run, as it pushes your shop and staff to be the best you can be. We never would have bought the tools or upgrades that we have now if it wasn’t for being Certified. It’s a great way to keep up with the changes in the industry and make sure your shop is doing its best to offer the right kind of repairs.”


While Carriage Shoppe had to navigate the pandemic, just like everyone else, they used the experience to strengthen their business. They’ve renovated their paint booth and plan to retain improvements like online photo estimating, online appointment scheduling, and increased sanitation of every vehicle.

If you live in the Fort Collins area, be sure to stop by Carriage Shoppe and get a fully documented Certified Repair by a well trained technician that prioritizes the use of quality parts, manufacturer’s repair procedures, approved paint systems, and completed ADAS and calibrations.



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