Good News Story of the Month: Wee Heart Autobody

This month, we connected with Ryan Tucker the owner of Wee Heart Autobody in Edgewater, Maryland to learn more about his business’s growth as a Certified Repair Provider. Learn how the shop has grown to process up to 50 cars monthly, has a 5-star rating, and why their decision to become a Certified Collision Care has helped to navigate their business toward success!

Following your dreams can be intimidating, even when you know that you have what it takes to succeed. Ryan Tucker learned this firsthand when he and his wife opened Wee Heart Autobody on May 11th, 2020. After that, their business became officially Assured Performance Certified in November of 2020. 

While starting his new business during a global pandemic was definitely not on his bucket list, Tucker knew he wanted to run a successful business that repaired vehicles correctly, using the proper repair procedures, training, tools, and equipment.

With this vision in mind, opening Wee Heart Autobody set the stage for Tucker and his family to get to know their community better and become a fixture collision repair provider. Opening in a popular suburban area, Tucker let his staff know what he held sacred upfront— a flawless repair with every step was correctly performed and properly documented. 

In the short time since their official opening, Wee Heart Autobody has grown to consist of 8 employees with 40-50 cars processed monthly. They pride themselves on cars being fixed correctly, the first time.  Their Collision Care business is Certified by Assured Performance, FCA, Hyundai, Kia, and Nissan. 

Tucker has this to say, Our mission is to put out a premier product no matter what the need. We have one product —a great repair— and it’s the best product.” 

He continues, “The biggest secret in business is doing what you say you’re going to do and that’s what we do here.” Says Tucker. This includes keeping their technicians, technology, and manufacturer Certifications up-to-date, along with updating their customers every step of the way throughout the repair process. 

Knowing that only 5% of body shops in North America have what it takes to become Assured Performance Certified, Tucker made it a goal to get as many certifications as possible. “This allows us to get specific training and knowledge to be able to fix every car as intended. By being Certified, we can be an advocate for the consumer. An insurance claim does not make a vehicle belong to the insurance company. Our repair process allows us to meet all requirements, so each vehicle is repaired correctly and safely.

While Wee Heart Autobody had to maneuver a more tumultuous year, just like everyone else, they used this time to enhance their business.We were able to get our legs under us and figure out what works best for us as a business.”

Another commitment that Tucker made to Wee Heart Autobody is regularly upgrading their business and making sure they’re prepared for long-term growth. Technicians at Wee Heart Autobody receive specific manufacturer training to keep their business and skillset moving forward.

Among those better processes is Wee Heart Autobody’s decision to offer fully documented Certified Repairs. Already, their customers have been very pleased with the total repair documentation they offer. 

“Our customers are happy that their vehicles are repaired correctly and that they have a printed Certificate. Having a paper showing that someone repaired your car correctly goes a long way. It is a big sigh of relief. Instead of having to worry whether their car will ever be the same, you can see the weight being lifted off of their shoulders as they have confidence in you.”” Trucker explains. 

For Tucker and the technicians at Wee Heart Auto Body, using the RepairDOC app to document had been a great tool. Tucker explained how “It allows us to do everything perfectly, plain and simple. It gives me confidence that every car that drives off is safe and meets all OEM standards.”


Wee Heart Autobody’s popularity comes in a number of ways. Drivers find them through word of mouth, pamphlets at local dealers, magazines in the area, and on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. They promote Certified Repairs by advertising with “Bay Weekly” and using a weekly periodical full-page ad. 

Tucker encourages other shops to become Certified. It will help the customer’s peace of mind

If you live near Edgewater, Maryland, be sure to stop by Wee Heart Autobody and get a fully documented Certified Repair by one of their well-trained technicians. You will be certain that your repair prioritized the use of quality parts, manufacturer’s repair procedures approved paint systems, and completed ADAS and calibrations.




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