2 New OEM Certifications for Certified Collision Care Providers!

New OEM Certifications for Certified Collision Care Providers!

Did you know that Certified Collision Care added three new OEM Certifications to the program in 2021?  We have exciting news to share!





The Hyundai Certified Collision Centre and Genesis Certified Collision Centre Programs launched in May 2021, adding two new OEM Certifications to each Certified Collision Care Provider’s business, with no additional enrollment fees and no additional requirements.  All collision repair centres received notification of their new certifications in May, and most have now ordered their Hyundai and Genesis certified signs and downloaded the certified logos.  

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Hyundai and Genesis have added the Certified Collision Care Shop Locator to their consumer websites, adding hundreds of new searches to the site each month and directing Hyundai and Genesis drivers across Canada to certified shops!  You can view the links to the Certified Collision Care locator, under the OWNER section of both consumer websites:  https://www.hyundaicanada.com/ and https://www.genesis.com/ca/en/genesis.html 

Congratulations on your new Certifications! If you have not ordered your Hyundai and Genesis Certification signs and downloaded your certified logos, visit your business profile or contact your account manager at 289-309-5200 for assistance.

The Subaru Certified Collision Centre Program launched with Certified Collision Care in September 2021.  All existing Certified Collision Care Providers will have the opportunity to add these exclusive credentials to their business, provided they are sponsored by their preferred Subaru dealer and can meet the Subaru specialized certification requirements.  There is no additional enrollment fee for Certified Collision Care Providers to apply to the Subaru Certified Collision Centre program.  

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Subaru Certification program information is available at: www.getsubarucertified.ca. If you are interested in Subaru Certification for your facility reach out to your preferred Subaru dealership for sponsorship and contact your Account Manager at 289-309-5200

Do your technicians need Welding Certifications?  Would you prefer to train and certify your technicians at your own shop, using your equipment?

The Canadian Welding Bureau recently launched a new Collision Repair Welding Certification program. Their certifications are accepted by Certified Collision Care and all OEM Certifications we offer.

Click here to view the program brochure or visit http://www.cwbgroup.org/autorepair to arrange your in-shop appointment for training and certification.


For information or inquiries: www.certifiedcollisioncare.ca

Certified Collision Care Office: 289-309-5200