RepairDOC: How To Keep Up With The Rapidly Changing Technology Using ShopOps

Cars are changing. The industry is changing. The repair documentation process is changing.  


Your business is also changing, as you embrace new technology and training for your business and technicians. One thing that hasn’t changed is the benefits included within your exclusive Assured Performance membership. While late-model vehicles may be more like computers on wheels than the cars we remember, these are the top 3 ways to keep up with rapidly changing technology using ShopOps.


Follow these steps and stay future-focused!

1. Use ShopOps for Internal & External Communications

Craig Camacho, Regional Director for Assured Performance, has an extensive history as a consultant and former VP of Marketing & Business Development within the collision industry. This means that he can tell you a little something about communications! With his strong marketing and business history in mind, he highly recommends that shops utilize ShopOps to assist with both their internal and external communications. Shops can keep track of their technician’s training and skills, assign repair dockets to each technician’s RepairDOC account, and pull consumer communication lists from estimate data.


2. Use ShopOps for Process Management

Having been a shop owner, trainer, and the current Director of Technical Compliance and Business Improvement for Assured Performance, Patrick Porter knows how fast the collision repair industry is advancing. “Our industry is evolving at warp speed, due to ever-changing technology. By using ShopOps, you can harness the true process management tools that allow you to document the complete repair process with a simple easy to use solution for your business.” Not only that, but ShopOps has additional tools that are there to improve all your business processes, including RepairDOC, the Business Improvement Program, On-Demand Marketing, a Pro Forma, and more!


3. Regularly View Your ShopOps Dashboard:

Your ShopOps Dashboard gives you at-a-glance information and all of your news in one place. We asked Chuck Hunt, Regional Director for Assured Performance, for his first recommendation for new and longtime members of our Certified Repair Capable Network. Having a long history in the collision industry including with shop management, he said, “I let every shop know how important it is to use their ShopOps dashboard as a convenient daily news feed. It’s the fastest way to view important news from the publications that you want to stay up-to-date with.”

Follow these steps to find your industry news today! 

You have what it takes to be Certified. Make sure to take advantage of the tools available to you within ShopOps Process Management. Call us today for one-on-one coaching for your business on RepairDOC or any aspect of your shop management.