February Newsletter 2022


Body and Paint Warranty Repairs to be Performed by a ProFirst Certified Repair Facility

Effective April 1, 2022, Honda Canada Inc., (“Honda”) announced that all Honda and Acura warrantable body and paint repairs are required to be performed at a ProFirst Certified Collision Repair Facility.

The goal of this policy update is to ensure that body and paint repairs are performed in accordance with Honda specified repair procedures and to minimize the risks associated with incorrect repairs. This policy also supports ‌collision repair facilities that have invested in tools, equipment, and training to become ProFirst Certified.

Honda/Acura Dealers will be able to utilize the online shop locators https://honda.ca/collision-centre and https://acura.ca/collision-centre along with the Certified Collision Care online shop locator https://autobodylocator.ca/canada to locate a ProFirst Certified Repair Facility in their local area.

What does this mean for you? A potential increase in the volume of Honda/Acura body and paint warranty repairs directed to dedicated ProFirst Certified facilities. If your facility is ProFirst Certified, we encourage you to reach out to your local Honda/Acura dealership to introduce your ProFirst Certified Repair Facility. This warranty policy update represents a great opportunity to align and develop a closer relationship with your local Honda/Acura Dealer, ensure customer expectations are met, and a high level of customer service is provided.


Toyota Canada has introduced a new Toyota Certified Collision Centre logo! If your facility is Toyota Certified, please visit the marketing tab of your business profile at www.certifiedcollisioncare.ca to download the new version and update wherever you have the logo in use. If you have an existing Toyota Certified sign, this version is still valid. You may choose to purchase a new sign, if desired. Purchase of signs is available on the marketing tab.