You Wanted a Safe Repair… We Delivered 




You’ve just bought a new vehicle. Now, you’re worried that if you ever get bumped or hit, the value of your new vehicle is going to plummet. Just imagine: your car’s fit, finish, functionality, durability, value, and safety are all being protected (and determined) by the type of repair you choose for your car. And it’s not just for your car – it’s also for your family!  


Your vehicle is what carries you and your loved ones around day-in and day-out… from home to work, to the grocery store, to dinner and a movie – there’s a lot riding (no pun intended) on the care and safety of your vehicle. It’s a reliability you didn’t even think of when you signed up for tee-ball or ballet classes. Even more importantly, it’s the reliability you depend on when it comes to your family’s safety.  


So the big question: What’s stopping you from getting the best repair possible?  


Where to go? 

While we all do our best to avoid the unexpected, life will always find a way to throw us a curveball. When that happens, will you know where to take your vehicle for the best collision repair available in your community. At, you can locate your nearest Certified Provider, book an appointment, and even schedule complimentary pick-up and drop-off for your vehicle, all within seconds and without leaving your home.  


What to expect? 

Just as important as knowing where to take your car, it’s important to know why getting a Fully Documented Certified Repair will offer some peace of mind and lead to a manufacturer-specific, credible repair. Certified repairs provide: 

  • Proof you’re getting a correct repair 
  • Safety and quality to your vehicle  
  • A repair completed in accordance and compliance with the original manufacturer’s specified procedures 


Plus, if the fear of being car-less keeps you up at night, rest easy: Many Certified Collision Care Providers happily arrange rentals on the customers’ behalf. Skip the unpredictable and awkward ride share app and ask your provider how they can help you locate a rental car. Getting your vehicle repaired is stressful and working with a provider that covers all the details – like a rental – makes the process easier to go complete. 


What it means 

A Certified Repair means White-Glove Service and this means Priority Repair Processing. Booking a Fully Documented Certified Repair guarantees your vehicle will be prioritized during the repair process and ensure that your Provider will conduct a completely Certified Repair in a timely manner, all while keeping you well informed throughout the repair process. What does this mean? Here are a few benefits that come with choosing White-Glove Service:  

  • Seamless scheduling process  
  • Complimentary Pick-Up and Drop-Off  
  • Full VIN-Linked Record of Your Certified Repair  


Here’s the proof 

What’s more, the documentation behind your Certified Vehicle lasts a lifetime! When you opt for the Fully Documented Certified Repair option, your Provider electronically documents every aspect of the repair and saves that information to a secure, cloud-based system and stores the information by VIN. This means that as long as your vehicle exists, so too will the photographic evidence of the:  

  • Tools used during the repair  
  • Parts and equipment that went into the repair  
  • Process the provider followed to restore your vehicle  


This all serves as reputable proof that you received the best Collision Care possible. Future buyers of your vehicle will be happy to see that records were well kept during the repair process and this can have a positive impact on the value of your vehicle.  


Get started 

Visit smart locator and select a Certified Repair Provider for your car’s year, make, and model. After you enter this basic information, you can get an online estimate as well as the opportunity to book an appointment and sign up to get the White-Glove Service. Take the extra steps to leave ordinary behind and get the best care possible. When you choose to receive a Fully Documented Certified Repair, you’re not only making the smart decision for your high-tech vehicle, but the right decision for your family too.  


Learn more 

For more insights on the certified repair process, visit CollisionCare.Org and don’t forget to use our Auto Body Locator to find a Certified Repair Provider near you!