Good News Story of the Month: Andy’s Auto Body Collision Repair

Good News Story of the Month: Andy’s Auto Body Collision Repair

Pictured are, from left: Chase Stewart, Andrew Powell, Andy Powell, owner, William Drlinger, Jerry Wall, & Bryce Gates

This month, we connected with Andy and Michelle Powell, the owner of Andy’s Auto Body Collision Repair,  in Vandalia, Illinois, a Collision Center that has been open for almost 23 years! With a new baby and a new dream, the couple decided to take a leap of faith and start repairing vehicles in a shed outside their home. It started out with old vehicle restorations as Andy’s name started to get around. It was then that he decided to leave his job and start his own business with Michelle and their new baby by his side. They opened February 14th, 2000 in Brownstown, Illinois, which was the first newly constructed business in 31 years. Knowing that their business was gaining momentum, their confidence was high. Today they’ve grown to repair 40-50 cars per month while earning certifications such as Assured Performance, FCA, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, and more. Stay tuned to learn why their decision to become a part of the Certified Repair Network has helped navigate their Collision Center toward greater success!

In 2018 Andy and Michelle decided to move their business to Vandalia, Illinois just west of Brownstown. With most of their business coming from this area, they either needed to build onto their business in Brownstown for a second time, or move to a new location. So that’s exactly what they did. There, they’ve grown to become the most popular Certified Repair Center in town with a waiting list of about 4 months. People don’t seem to mind though, because when they bring their vehicle to Andy’s Auto Body,  they know their time and money will be worth the manufacturer specific Certified Repair and a family-like customer service they won’t receive anywhere else. Michelle tells us that “Cars don’t leave the shop without Andy’s seal of approval, because the car has his name on it and He wants it done right!” 

With 7 total employees, Michelle and Andy being 2 of them, and with their own son as their painter, this family business has surely made a name for itself in this small town and has defined the term “quality service.” While the crew here works hard to set a high standard for their customers, Andy himself works harder. Instead of sitting behind a desk while observing his employees, he’s in the garage getting his hands dirty helping to repair every vehicle himself, so they’re up to his standards! “Over 20 years of doing things right. You have to do good by the customer and put them in a safely repaired vehicle. A simple job isn’t even simple when we follow particular procedures 50-60 pages long,” says Andy. 

Keeping in mind that only 5% of body shops in North America have what it takes to become Assured Performance Certified, this Collision Center has worked day and night to become a 5-Star business.  While being committed to a life of distinction, Andy’s Auto Body Collision Repair is constantly upgrading equipment while Andy brushes up on every new technique he can get his hands on. Taking I-CAR tests in his spare time, he prides himself on owning the best Collision Center in town. Michelle tells us that their “customers are the reason.” Confident that they have the highest education they can get in repairing vehicles the correct way, their customers know they will drive off with their family’s safety secured. 

While Andy’s Auto Body Collision Repair is mostly known by word of mouth, they also run a local radio ad 2 times a day, along with Facebook ads, and full pages in the local newspaper. 


With quality at the forefront, this family-owned business has its eyes set on the prize. Educating the public on the importance of a proper repair is one of the many things Andy’s Auto Body Collision Repair  is passionate about. Powell has raised the bar of excellence when it comes to quality service, customer care, and giving his customers the peace of mind in knowing their vehicle is in the right hands. With the Assured Performance stamp of approval, Andy’s Auto Body Collision Repair has become a proud part of the Certified Repair Network. 

If you live near Vandalia, Illinois, be sure to stop by Andy’s Auto Body Collision Repair, meet Michelle and Andy Powell and his amazing team and get a fully documented Certified Repair by Andy himself. You will be certain that your repair prioritizes the use of quality parts and manufacturer’s repair procedures.