Assured Performance Launches Capability Assessment Evaluation and Planning Tool as a Bridge to OEM Certification

Laguna Hills, CA – Assured Performance Network, the country’s largest Certified Collision Repair Network, announced the North American launch of their exclusive Capabilities Assessment Evaluation and Planning Tool to the collision repair industry. Now, body shops are able to use a self-administered online program to perform a confidential, in depth evaluation of their business, and create a Business Improvement Plan (BIP) based upon deficiencies, action item to-do lists, budgets, and timelines. The Capability Assessment Tool allows shops to see exactly how they stack up against the listing of OEM Certification requirements and standards, as well as how they compare with our proprietary list of industry top best practices.

Assured Performance created the online service to assist body shops that want to develop and chart an improvement plan to achieve the requirements for OEM Certification in a timely manner. The development of the service is in response to repairer requests. Already, over one thousand dealer body shops have used the tool as part of the joint-effort OEM Certification program managed by Assured Performance.

Assured Performance is recognized as having the most stringent and comprehensive business requirements for official Certification. To become Certified-Recognized, shops must provide proof of compliance, and then pass an onsite inspection-audit with several internal reviews. The Capability Assessment Tool can be used by repair businesses prior to enrolling in the extensive process. The Capabilities Assessment Tool serves as the basis of a Business Improvement Plan for repair businesses to follow. Effectively, it charts your path to enhanced body shop capabilities and overall performance, and ultimately gain OEM Certification.

The Capabilities Assessment Evaluation and Planning Tool has been developed based upon the top performance and business models of thousands of collision repair businesses. Using this tool allows a shop to identify their competitive strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. But, not only does the Capabilities Assessment Tool identify any deficiencies, it additionally allows body shops to create a Business Improvement Plan and prioritize action items complete with priority lists, timelines, and budgets.

Upon completion of the assessment, priorities and budgets can be assigned, and any timelines for completion are established. The shop will have a strategic plan that focuses on the most important needs of the business.


About Assured Performance:

Assured Performance Network is composed of three organizations:  A non-profit Consumer Advocacy Organization, a legal Co-Op, and a management company. Combined, we operate as a third-party administrator for Consumer Awareness, Body Shop Certification and rebate reward programs for several of the largest automakers. Assured Performance Network is the largest, most advanced repair capable network of Certified collision repair centers with over 2,800 participating shops.

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