Free Photo Estimating For Certified Shops

Certified Collision Care and Bodyshop Booster now providing Free Photo Estimating to Certified Shops

Certified Collision Care Providers can now leverage our free Bodyshop Booster Photo Estimating tool linked to the Certified Collision Care and OEM online shop locators to increase sales and generate customer leads. Certified Collision Care’s boosted locator feature will now allow customers to communicate 24/7 with certified shops when they opt-in to use Booster Lite at no cost.

Your facility MUST OPT-IN to use Booster Lite to activate the “Get an Estimate”button on your shop’s business profile. Act today and harness the power of the new Certified Collision Care boosted OEM Shop locator feature to drive more customers to your OEM Certified shop! 
Today’s customers are looking for a simple and seamless way to get their vehicles repaired. Certified shops can now easily provide contact free service while being able to view the vehicle’s damage and advise the customer remotely.

Customers visiting our locators will now be able to access the service by clicking “Get an Estimate” at these locators:

This new feature is available to all Certified Collision Care Providers at no cost. There is no obligation to purchase the full Bodyshop Booster system which is also available at a discounted price to Certified Collision Care Providers, should shops wish to utilize the entire suite of Bodyshop Booster tools.

Visit to view the program information and OPT-IN for this free boosted OEM shop locator feature. Click here to view the program outline.